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The focus of this week’s PLT meeting will be completing the assignment discussed at yesterday's staff meeting. If you do not have a scheduled PLT meeting time, please schedule a time to complete the form before Friday. We need only one form per team/grade level/department.

We all know that your students will always match your level of enthusiasm. Relationships are critical and motivating them to do their best is what is going to take us closer to our goal.

If you have a student teacher, please use this time to meet with small groups and give more in-depth attention to those who need your help the most.

It is that time of the year---if you are entertaining transferring to another school or not coming back next year, please let me know. I am here to help and support you in any way that I can.

Items are being collected for Lisa Smith---suggestions, Ensure, jello with fruit, protein Shakes, Progresso vegetable soups, Gift Cards. Please see Anne Steckman for more information.

Please make sure doors are secure at all times. We have several custody issues of a serious nature. Please make sure doors are NOT propped opened. Our children’s safety is at stake.

We are reevaluating how we do lesson planning at Combs. We would like to be able to review your plans when we come in for walkthroughs or conduct observations. As the handbook states, “Please make sure all plans are on your desk everyday.”

Our sympathy is extended to Emily Levinson in the passing of her aunt and grandfather and Sarah Cayton in the passing of her great aunt.

Please plan to be in the Media Center by 1:00 on Friday for the Early Release Day training.

I will be at an all day Principals’ Meeting on Tuesday. Dr. Hoots and Jason are in charge in the event of an emergency.

Please make sure your classroom lights are on during the instructional day. Children can not work or learn in the dark. Thanks so much.

Happy birthday, Pam (2/9), Cortney (2/10), and Lesley(2/12)!

Do Achieve3000, earn pizza!

Upcoming Events


February 8

  • SIP (7:30-8:30)

February 9

  • Happy birthday, Pam!
  • BYOD Training
  • Central Area Principals' Meeting
  • Silver Tray Luncheon

February 10

  • Happy birthday, Cortney!
  • First Field Trip - Science Museum
  • K Field Trip - Marbles

February 11

  • First Field Trip - Science Museum
  • Clubs
  • Magnet Principals' Meeting

February 12

  • Happy birthday, Lesley!
  • Leadership Symposium
  • Early Release


February 15

  • Presidents' Day

February 16

  • MTSS Day 3

February 17

  • Lighthouse Team Meeting

February 18

  • Fifth Lesson Study Planning (11-11:45)
  • Third Lesson Study Planning (11:50-12:35)
  • Fourth Lesson Study (1:10-1:55)

February 19

  • Influencer (12:30-4:30)

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