South Carolina

Land of the Brave

The Proprietary Colony

Charles II awarded the territory to eight of his prominent supporters. Carolina was then taken over by the royal colony, dividing it into North and South Carolina. South Carolina became one of the first colony to be established. In order to govern it, John Locke and others wrote the Fundamental Constitutions of Carolina. This government consisted of a powerful council, most were appointed by the proprietors in England. It also consisted of a governor, appointed by the proprietors, and a weak assembly, elected by all freeman. The colony moved across the river that provided a better defense, thus establishing their capital, Charles Town (later Charleston). This happened to be one of the wealthiest colonies with more Revolutionary War battles than any other colonies.

We Try Harder

Life in South Carolina was different from those in other colonies. We had Lord Proprietors who lived in England and would send governors to rule over the colony. We were charged for rent just for living there; a form of making money. However, our rent would continuously rise, so we rebelled. We threw the governor out of office resulting in making us a royal province. In order to make a living, we began to capture slaves and sell them to other colonies. Rice and indigo grew well, making the farmers very wealthy. Large plantations became widespread thus making the slaves our primary source of labor. I've seen slaves being brought in and taken away from their families. They would work long hours in the fields. Though, they live in terrible conditions. No one was allowed to teach them to read or write. To avoid rebellion among the slaves, laws were passed so they wouldn't learn. There were some consequences in bringing in slaves, they brought Malaria and Yellow Fever with them. This spread among the colonists. I caught Malaria, it doesn't kill you, but it does weaken the immune system making me susceptible to other diseases. I received treatment from the colonial doctors who gave me opiates and crude quinine. The doctor told me that I needed to get rid of rice cultivation and start adopting other forms of agriculture in order to live in healthier conditions. It's too late for me to change my lifestyle, we are a colony with many turmoils to come but if we try harder we can get through anything.

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