Welcome to the Fisher School

Maddie and Mia

What was Recess like back then?

We went to the Fisher School and we found out that they had recess back then. They played games like jump rope and hoops. Hoops is a game where you have a wooden hoola hoop and you have a wooden stick. Then you roll the hoola hoop and try to keep it up with the wooden stick. They had another game called marbles. Marbles is a game where you make a circle in the sand and put marbles in it. Then you take a ball and you try to knock all of them out and whoever has the most marbles at the end wins. They had a game called jacks and its where you have a ball and jacks then you bounce the ball and try to steal all the jacks. You also try to take all the jacks before the ball hits the ground. The last game is ring toss but is a little bit different than the other games. You take a stool and you have rings .Then you take the rings and you try to get the rings on the legs of the chair. They had another game called tag.They played snap the whip. This is how you play. First you get in a big line and hold hands. Second you start running fast and try to whip the last person off the line that is how you play snap the whip. They had really fun games back then but they didn’t have as much games we have now. Recess was very different back then than it is now.