Link and Learn Friday

Friday November 15

Classroom - (K-8) Free! I don't think I can improve upon their description of their website "This website is the result of many years of hard work by a by a small, dedicated group of software designers, programmers, artists, teachers and parents with a vested interest in childhood education. Our goal is to provide the finest quality paper-based teaching materials to teachers and parents around the world."

Browse the hundreds of options per subject: Math, English or Geography (There are additional miscellaneous subjects as well) Select from worksheet options and then click to generate your PDF file. This new 'beta' site is on it's way and is sure to add even more content.


Math B-I-N-G-O - (All ages) Find the answer to the math problems on the Bingo card, get 5 bingo bugs in a row, rewards for high scores are interactive Bingo Bugs.

Teachers and parents have access to 'report cards' for up to 30 different saved profiles. Includes easy, medium and hard levels for Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division or Mixed. Ranks in the top 50 education apps and has been featured in the NY times and Disney magazine. Only .99 cents!

Just for Fun

King Arthur Flour blog - Did you know that King Arthur Flour is located in Vermont? I've been through Vermont a dozen times and never had the pleasure of visiting their company store, but their blog is a great resource for recipes and inspiration especially with the holidays right around the corner. They even have a category dedicated to Thanksgiving and I'm sure Christmas will be online shortly.

There is also an online store with specialty ingredients, food packaging and kitchen tools. Happy Baking!