Junior Kindergarten Class News

Learning in Mrs. Hannan's Jr.K1

Starting Jr.K

Beginning Junior Kindergarten is an exciting time for all of us. There are so many things to learn. We have all adjusted beautifully to being in school every day and following both our class routine and class rules.

We "explored colors of our world" by creating colorful projects and we learned to read our color words. We all enjoyed hands on learning during Jr.K's Color Unit!

Apple Unit

In recognition of the fact that September is National Apple Month, we learned a great deal about apples. We learned the colors of apples, the parts of apples, and how and apple tree grows and changes each season. We sorted apples by color and size and listed many foods made from apples. We even tasted apple butter, apple jelly, and applesauce bread!

October 2015

Fire Safety

As part of an interactive Fire Safety assembly, Junior Kindergarten students learned fire safety tips from members of the Mont Clare Fire Company. They even visited the inside of a real fire truck!

Christopher Columbus

We learned about Christopher Columbus and how he sailed across the Atlantic ocean in three ships-the Nina, the Pinta, and the Santa Maria. During our lesson we used a map and a globe to show our students Columbus' journey.

Future Lessons

We will soon be learning about how a pumpkin grows and making our room look "spooky" in anticipation of our Halloween celebration. In November, we will be starting our amazing Native American Unit.