Stopping Accidental Poisoning

By Sathvik Potlapalli

How to Prevent Poisoning

1. Only use nontoxic markers, glue, and other art supplies.

2. Always read the label; make sure it is right medication and dosage.

3. Keep children away from plants that they could put in their mouths.

4. Do not let children play near peeling paint or plaster.

Recognize Possible Poisoning Situations

1. Know what items can be poisonous to children and infants.

2. Be on the lookout for poisonous substances inside and around the home.

3. Know if the children have accepted anything from strangers.

Fix the Poison-Related Problem

1. If parents ask you to give children medicine, make them aware they are taking medicine. Don't call it "candy."

2. If you think you might touch any chemicals or poisons, use disposable gloves.

3. If there are any cabinents or doors without locks that may containt posions, keep children away from the area.