Mary Ellen Mark

Amanda and Her Cousin

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Background History on this Photo

This picture was taken in North Carolina, in 1990 in action. Mary had been photographing a family for a story on violent children for life magazine. As she was getting ready to leave the little girl pulled a cigarette out and began to smoke it. The mother was there the whole time and didn't mind. Amanda was very intelligent and very naughty, she pretty much was the boss and home. Her mother did anything for her if it were from amanda making her mom buy her something or put make up on her, her mom did it.

My Opinion

This photo is very interesting, you don't normally see a nine year old girl smoking a cigarette. Seeing this photo it made me want to know more about the photo. I personally would not change anything about this photo. This photo captures Amanda's personality because she is a bad and very controlling girl. This photo shows her with make-up on and her smoking. Mary's style is very weird but I think they are all very interesting and unique. Her photo's are of things you don't normally see.