Getting to Know Shakespeare

By: Bailee H, Laken K., and Marry V.

Shakespeare Lived a Short Life

Shakespeare lived from 1564 to 1616. He died on his 52nd birthday, but his death is a mystery. Were curious to know; why did Shakespeare diedat such an early age?

Shakespears Accomplishments

shakespeare accomplished many more things in his life compared to the average person, and in such a short amount of time. He wrote 154 sonnets, atleast 36 plays and many other poems. In 1599 the famous Globe Theatre revieved a new joint owner, William Shakespeare. He was also a successful leading poet and actor. Were intrested on what his motivation might have been to acheive these things.

Shakespeare's Own Family

Shakespeare started his own family at an early age. He married Ann Hathaway when he was 18, and she was 26. He had three children; Judith, Susanna, and Hamnet who died at age 11. We think it would be facinating to know why he chose to "grow up so fast."