Zev Aelony


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Zev Aelony's early life

Zev Aelony was born on February 21st 1938 in Palo Alto,California from Janet and David Aelony. He grew up in a secular Jewish household. Before he joined Freedom Rides, he went to University of Minnesota. Then he got married, then he had four children: Bjorn, Ephraim, Phill, and Jared.

When Zev Aelony was an Freedom Rider, and after he died.

Zev Aelony was an organizer of Minnesota Civil Rights student group(SFI). He was 23 at 1960. Freedom Rides started at 1961 and decided to join the freedom rides. He became a Freedom Rider. Then he rode on the bus with whites AND blacks.

Zev Aelony died on November 1st 2009 when he was 71.Blacks are equal to whites.