8 Facts of changing jobs

Making the change

Burning bridges

One thing about changing jobs is don't burn bridges.

1. Don't talk bad about your previous jobs. Because if the employer your getting your other job from will think you'll do the same to them.

2. Don't just walk out of a job put in a two week notice because it looks bad on you if you just walk out and when you are getting a new job they won't be a good refference because they'll say you walked out on them.

Develope a plan

1. Know what your doing before you do it.

2. Never go into a interview blind not knowing anything.

3. Dont assume anything going into an interview.

4.Make sure you always have a plan b.

5.Plan everything ahead of time that way there is no problems along the way.

6. Finally always be your best and the most kind person you can.