Florence MIlls

Comedian, Dancer,Singer

Early Life

Florence Mills was born on January 25, 1896 in the Washington, D.C., area. She was a entertainer as a young child, As a young child she was named Baby Florence. She worked at Vaudeville and she joined a touring at eight year old. Authorities soon found out she was underage. Her family moved to Harlem, New York she did another Vaudeville act when she was fourteen.
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Florence Mills was hired to replace Gertrude Saunders in a production called Shuffle Along


Florence Mills played in a show called Plantation Revenue


Florence Mills starred in the musical Blackbirds
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She died of appendicitis on November 1 1927

Legacy & Impact

When she died people from all over went to her funeral to show their appreciation and respect to the young and beautiful Ms.Mills. To me Florence Mills had little impact on Africans Americans, entertained African Americans and made herself known for her voice and her acting and dancing skills during the Harlem Renaissance.


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