Literary Devices Found in Two Kinds

Devon Morgan 8/24/12


She went to San Francisco after losing everything in China.

Picture Of San Francisco


The characteres in the story were Jing-mei, her mother, her father, Waverly, and her piano teacher Old Chong.

A Picture Of Jing-mei and Old Chong


The story is based upon Jing-mei, and her mother going head to head throughout the story trying make Jing-mei an American Star. Although Jing-mei isn't so sure she wants to be what her mother wants. Now this causes a problem in the family.

A Symbol Of Going Head To Head

Internal Conflict

The internal conflict is convincing Jing-mei to live out the dream that her mother has for her. Its a struggle, because her daughter is not up for it at all what so ever. This leads to Jing-mei having numerous issues such as arguments and retaliation.

A Symbol For The American Dream

External Conflict

The external conflict of the story is Jing-mei failing to win a place for playing the piano against competitors. Which leads her mother;s dissapointed attitude and anger thats held inside.

A Piano Like Jing-mei


The theme of the story is basically a prime example of how you cant for someone to be something that you want them to be, because that dream can be made, and also deferred.

someone's dream deferred


A symbol of this story is Sherly Temple. She was a nice young bright american star. And she is known across america. I guess Jing-mei's mother saw this in her eyes and immeadietly wanted that lifestyle.

Sherly Temple

Q & A

In one part of the story Jing-mei looks into the mirror and notices that her new look. And inside she feels as though she is an ugly person. This isn't true but because of her mother forceful ways and negativity upon her led her to believe so. Later on the road she realize she is not an ugly person, she realizes she is a significant human being that has a few flaws like everyone else. The tittle "Two Kinds" represents the two kinds of opinions, Jing-mei's opinion, and her mothers opions

the miror represents Jing-mei lack of self confidence at first when she looked into the the mirror

Q & A 2

When her mother realized that living the American in America is the best lifestyle ever, her parenting bond had left the building. She had focused on making a legacy for her daughter that she never stop to think if she was being a mother along with her actions. She only thought about herself. And because of her actions that impacted Jing-mei and led her to have negative energy and fear from her mother.

Sybol For Jing-mei's motherly Love has dissapeared

Q & A 3

Early on the story Jing-mei was not really self confident. And as well as she did not believe in her self. Dealing with her mother always on her back for everything really affected her emotionally. But later on down the road, this energy made her a very stronger and smarter person. She grew to understand why her mother pushed her so hard. And she learns that all of it was for her.

About Jing-mei's self conidence at the end