It's time for the adventure!

The Global Citizens

Hello you amazing human!

You're just a few days away from that once-in-a-lifetime adventure you have been looking forward to for the past few weeks. It's finally almost time to bid adieu to those boring routines and set sail to what may come to be the just the thing you have been looking for.

Are you all geared? Are you pumped up? Are you ready to be a global citizen?

Here's to all those beautiful, blissful moments you will experience via your project, to all the amazing people you will meet, to all the awe-inspiring stories you will live through, and most importantly, to all the little adventures you will push yourself to embark on.

You've been matched to a country of your choice, have your visas in hand and are just days away from your Global Citizen Exchange.
But before leaving, do ensure you know all that you will be expected to do with regard to your project, your dress code (if any) and all related details. Please find attached at the end of this mail, a list of all things you'd have to carry on your exchange.

Do feel free to contact us for what ever help or guidance you may need.

Here's to the life in 6 weeks you have set out to obtain!

AIESECly yours