Being Safe Online

Learn how to be safe online.

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Tip 1

Don't give your personal info online (name last name,address,phone number, and etc)

Tip 2

When you make a screen name don't include your name and your birth date.

Tip 3

Don't meet a stranger you met on the web in real life.

Tip 4

Use privacy settings on social networks.

Tip 5

If you wouldn't say it to their face don't post it online

Tip 6

Don't share your password.

Tip 7

Use helplines if your having troubles online

Tip 8

People are not what they say they are.

Tip 9

Block or report people if needed.

Tip 10

don't present your self dating material.

Tip 11

Know the risks and practice good judgment

Tip 12

Keep your computer safe with anti-virus software.

Tip 13

Use your head before you post.

Tip 14

Don't respond to mean messages.

Tip 15

Stay away from cyber crimes.
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