Eva Galler

Jessica Lewin Academic 3

There are many people that died because of the Holocaust,but there are many that lived, just like Eva Galler. Eva Galler did not have a normal Jewish life during the Holocaust. Eva never went to a concentration camp. She was also very Jewish, Eva was very religious. So overall, Eva Galler was one of the very few to live, but she still struggled from hard times because she was very Jewish, and she never went to a concentration camp, a place even worse.

Eva was a 17 year old when she dealt with the hardness of the holocaust, but in a different way. Eva was lucky enough to not go to a concentration camp. After getting sent to a train from the Ghetto she was forced to live in, her father told his eldest children to jump out of the train while it was moving. Everybody that had tried to jump out got shot and died, though Eva's father said "You run, I know you will stay alive, you have the Belzer Rebbe's blessing." Her sister and brother jumped out first, they got shot and died. But when Eva jumped out she missed the gunfire and lived. Her mother, father, and brother stayed on the train and got sent to a concentration camp. Eva was very Jewish as a child. As an orphan all she did was read her Jewish books! Eva decided to work for the Russians so she wouldn't be caught as a runaway Jew. While she was there she had to be a polish girl, Eva hated every second of it. So, as you can see Eva Galler had a life not like any other Jewish person had. She was very Jewish at the time, and she didn't even got to a concentration camp!

In summary, Eva was a very lucky Jewish person, but at the same time not. Even though she went to a Ghetto, Eva got out of going to a concentration camp because she jumped out of the train headed there. She was very religious and serious about her religion even though she had to pretend to be spmeone else while she was working for the Russians. So, as you know there have been many sad stories told about Jewish children that dealt with the Holocaust, and here is another one. Telling people that not all Holocaust stories are the same. I hope learning about Eva Galler inspired you just like it inspired thousands of people all over the world.