Art Expert

Ashlyn C.


Art, you that thing we've been doing since we were two years old. Art has been around us ever since we've been able to see. Artists come from any town, country, or continent. Well, any true artists knows the famous artists and the special tools we use. Also the variety of art we do.


We don't just use regular tools, we use tools for art too. Thin, thick, sort, stiff. Paint brushes come in many different shapes and sizes. We also use pencils. Pencils can come colored or regular. Just remember you are always in control of your pencil or brush.

Kinds of Art

As a result of painting, you must always have a style. Picasso used pop art or geometric painting some people like Chinese art. Chinese painting uses lite streaks of black water color paint. Regular paintings are just paint or water color.


For example, Vincent van Gogh, Leonardo da Vinci, and Pablo Picasso are all amazing. Da Vinci wasn't just an artist, he was also an inventor. Most people don't know that da Vinci modeled a plane before the Wright brothers. Picasso used different shapes in his art. Van Gogh painted around 900 pieces in a decade.


To sum up my thoughts, tools, artist's history, and types of art are kind of important to a creative brain. Who is your favorite artist Van Gogh, da Vinci, Picasso, or even someone I didn't talk about?