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Week Of September 11, 2017

#TOP20- Help Others Succeed... BE A WINGMAN


Be A Wingman!

Tom Cruise... classic clip. TOP GUN. Many of you have probably seen this movie. If you are a millennial, and haven't.. time to que it up on your latest streaming service! There are many great things about this movie, but there are also some mystifying UNtruths. One of the greatest ones that we all need to stop celebrating is:

A HERO saves the day.

We have become used to the idea that singular heroes save the day. They single handedly come in with big ideas, grand gestures and executable plans. How false this is! WE know that the best work is done by a caring group of individuals whom choose to work together to make a difference. No One can do this alone. We aim to be collaborative and we know that a collaborative effort is much more powerful than the singular hero.

However, I do love the fact that Val Kilmer (Iceman) and Tom Cruise (Maverick) exchange words in this clip about being each other's wingman. As we go through our day, our week, our school year, ask yourself "Who is My Wingman?" or even better "Whose Wingman am I"? How do you support those around you and make sure they are being successful?

Throughout the our time together we will shift between being the Wingman and Being the one Needing the Wingman. Be supportive, be present and help your colleagues succeed by being the best wingman!

This week's challenge is about support! See the challenge below to help keep us #CSESTRONG!

Weekly Schedule

Monday 9/11

  • DAY 1
  • Title 1 Parent Meeting in the Media Center @ 6:00

Tuesday 9/12

  • DAY 2

Wednesday 9/13

  • DAY 3
  • Flu Shot Clinic @ RHS Health Services from 6:30-8:30 AM

Thursday 9/14

  • DAY 4

Friday 9/15

  • DAY 1

Important Upcoming Dates

Personal Schedules Due in the Office by Sept 15th.

Picture Day on Wednesday, September 20 for staff and students; a schedule will be coming. Flyers will be in your PO's on Monday for students to take home.

Boy/Girl Scout leaders will be here to talk to students from 1:00-3:00 pm on Wednesday, September 20th; they will come to your classrooms.

5th Grade Kindness Retreat with Discovery Elementary- 10.10.17

Social Media @ ROCORI

Please consider sending in your information and a few pictures for the Staff Spotlight on the district Facebook page. Here are the steps:

1. Fill out the short survey from this link: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/L2HB359

2. Send 1-4 pictures of yourself to socialmedia@rocori.k12.mn.us

2017-2018 WBWF Goals


The percentage of all students in grades 3-5 at CSE enrolled by October 1st who score at or above grade level targets as measured by the READING will increase from 54.6% in 2017 to 65% in 2018.


The percentage of all students in grades 3-5 at CSE enrolled by October 1st who score at or above grade level targets as measured by the MATH MCA will increase from 60.4% in 2017 to 68% in 2018.

What are potential FOCUS areas of Improvements for SLG/PGP?

Time on Text

Close Reading

Oral Vocabulary Usage/Development


Student Targets

Standard Alignment and Deconstruction

School News/ Annoucements

  1. Gen Ed Teachers: Review your classroom student needs report, read 504, Health Plans, Student IEP's, Sign Off and Return to Andrea K in the Office.
  2. Turn in your Money/Checks Daily at the end of the day for school supply money.
  3. THERE Will Not be any morning announcements. Please read the daily announcements at your convienence to your students.
  4. Lunch count and attendance should be done by 9:00 a.m.
  5. Need CPI Refresher and Training DATES? Click HERE

Congrats, Kudos, and Thank You!

The CSE Host Parents for another Great Fall Family Kickoff!

Committee Updates:

Click HERE to access the CSE committee memberships

Why do we have Committee Structure at CSE?

1. To improve decision making process/feedback between staff/administration

2. To Empower Staff to See the Problem/Own the Problem #TOP20

3. Amplify All Voices at CSE

4. Assist in the overall communication and governance at CSE

RtI (Response to Intervention)

Click HERE to access the District RtI Notes

CI (Curriculum and Instruction)

Click HERE to access the District CI Notes

  • Need a New District Rep from Building CI

SD (Staff Development)

Click HERE to access the District SD Notes

SC (Site Council)

  • Need a new Chair!



Health, Safety, Building Improvement

  • Lounge Updates -Input Committee Wanted

Family Groups

Spartan Pride

Digital Leadership

#CSESTRONG Weekly Staff Mindfulness Challenge

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This is your Wingman Test!

Recognize and be present in your dept or grade level. Recognize when someone needs support but may be to proud to ask. Step in and be their wingman!

Did someone help you? Give them a Wingman Badge! These are located by the office PO Boxes. Take one and Post it by their name!

I Did It!

Push The Button to Commit to the #CSESTRONG Mindfulness Challenge for this Week!

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The First Six Weeks!

Week 2- Expectations to teach, model & practice

Classroom Routines:

_______Continue to model and practice week 1 expectations

_______Great Spartan System (Teach what Great Spartan tickets are, why they are given, and where they go)

_______ Brainstorm with students classroom celebrations (Use anchor chart)

_______ Model and practice Buddy Room (Everyone practices)

_______ Voice Level Expectations (School-wide voice level poster)

_______ Use of Manipulatives

_______ Teach Spartan P.R.I.D.E Matrix

_______ Quiet choice time

______ Display Hopes and Dream

School-Wide Expectations:

______ Bus Safety

______ Computer Lab

Instructional Expectations:

_____ Launch Daily 5 and CAFÉ Routines in 15 Days: Days 5-9 or follow Daily 5 for Dummies.

Daily 5 Tip of the Week.. from the DAILY CAFE

By Lori Sabo

September 1, 2017

Issue #477

Many years ago, when my son was in third grade, I walked into his room to tuck him in and found him distressed about the book he was reading (Shiloh by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor). He just couldn’t understand why a German man, who tends sheep for a living, would come out of nowhere to viciously attack and wound a dog.

When I looked at the passage, I saw German shepherd and immediately realized where his mental image and comprehension had taken a detour.

More recently, my four grandsons were concerned about a bumblebee they discovered outside. My daughter, who is always careful not to be an alarmist, said, “Don’t worry. It has been there for about five minutes. It’s just taking a little nap in the sun.” The three-year-old went right up to the creature, peered at it closely, and said, “I don’t see any zzzz’s.” We swallowed our laughter while realizing that every preschool book he’s ever read has shown zzzz’s above the head of its snoring character.

While shopping together, I told my friend I wanted to try quinoa. She giggled before telling me, “It’s pronounced keen-wah, not quin-oh-uh.” Really? Why on earth would they spell it that way?

It is in conversations that misconceptions come to light, and it’s one reason we need to be committed to one-on-one conferring and providing time for our students to talk with each other about books. Misconceptions about pronunciation and comprehension are ferreted out and clarified, and the level of accuracy and understanding is raised.

If you’re not yet comfortable with one-on-one conferring, let me encourage you to just get in there: just get in there and talk with your students about what they are reading. Listen and learn. If you care about them, and care about who they are as readers, it won’t be hard to engage in this kind of casual conversation. Teachable moments will begin to unfold. Start keeping track in a conferring notebook and you’ll have a record of teachable moments and a guide to making future conversations and teaching intentional, timely, and beneficial.

It doesn’t matter if we are age three, in third grade, or well beyond our 30s: there is much to be gained by talking about what we read.

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