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English Voice to Voice for Non-Native Speakers of English

Have you done your English pomodoro today?

There are two (2) online openings available for April 2016. (To maintain quality and flexibility I only have a dozen one-on-one online clients in any given period of time.)

If you know anyone who might be interested, share this information with them and ask them to contact me. as soon as possible, today or tomorrow.

ONLINE (for intermediate and advanced non-native speakers of English)

  • Online classes use Skype and Google Docs.

  • One will need a laptop connected to internet with audio, microphone and Skype.

  • Online classes are 30 minutes each and are four days per week, Tuesday-Friday.

  • A missed class can only be recovered in the same month that it is missed.

  • Online classes are one-on-one, me and you, are paid in advance monthly.

  • These are the current available times for online classes. 3:45PM, 4:30PM, 5:15PM. (Mexico City Time)

Once contacted, I will answer any questions PLUS release a General Information Form to be completed in a limited time period.The form will give me an English writing sample, and it will also let me know the degree of preparedness, seriousness, and need.

Next, the client candidate will receive an invitation to meet with me online, on Skype from their laptop (not their smartphone).This online conversation will allow me to get a spoken English sample, test our technical connection, answer any questions and offer them a proposal.

Normally, I am able to send the written proposal in less than 24 hours of our voice to voice Skype conversation. If we reach an agreement, then the fee is paid and classes begin in accordance with our contract. If the proposal is not accepted and cannot be modified to make it acceptable to both parties, then the fee is not paid and classes do not begin. Simple.

For clients in Mexico, the investment is $300(MXN)/week. For clients outside of Mexico, the cost is $30USD/week. As you can see, I offer a huge discount to clients located in Mexico. ;)