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Kids are Telling their Stories

Eighth graders in social studies have been working on understanding how history, civics, economics and geography play a role in one's identity. Students are using Weebly as a platform to share what they learn and their own stories. They are asking questions of their families to see how each of the lenses has impacted their lives, and they are blogging to tell their stories! The students are also listening to stories on Story Corps through NPR and seeing how different lenses impact different people! You can check out Story Corps here!


And Speaking of Blogs.....

I found this tweet from Danielle Degelman and thought those that are using blogs might be interested!

She teaches kids to use 3 Cs and a Q when commenting on a blog.

C - Compliment (I like the...I like how...)

C - Comment (I agree/disagree...I think...)

C - Connect (I have also...I have seen this...)

Q - Question (I wonder...Why...Who...What...When...Where...How...)

I know a lot of classrooms are using Weebly for blogs. I'd be happy to help you implement this in your classroom!


Tarah and I asked a few 8th grade students to share what's been going on in 8th grade. The video is up on YouTube and I've attached it here!
We'd like to highlight the great things being done at JJH with this on a weekly basis! If you have something great you'd like us to highlight, let us know and we will be sure to include that in our updates!

The kids definitely have enjoyed all the engaging things going on! When we return, we will highlight 7th grade!

JJH 8th Grade Vlog - Week of 12/15/14

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