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Acton Weekly Update: 10/27/2017

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Brook Wessel-Burke

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T.E.A.M. Together Everyone Achieves More

On Tuesday we read a section where Katherine asked Nick- If you aren't hurting the team how are you helping? I encourage you to ask yourself that same question throughout the school year. We all have something to contribute and should find ways to step up and help others.

As you will learn in future chapters of our book, it's important to understand the perspective of our teammates. We all have unique personalities and approach situations differently. Please follow this link to a quick 5 minute personality test. Read your results over fall break and come prepared to the next PD to discuss your personality type with your team.

Personality Test

Reaching All Learners

This week, we were able to teach Accepting "No" for an answer.

Here are the steps:

  1. Look at the person. It shows them you are paying attention.
  2. Say "Okay". Saying "Okay" lets the other person know you understand.
  3. Stay Calm. Staying calm allows you to hear exactly what the other person is saying.
  4. If you disagree, ask later. If you disagree right away, you will appear to be arguing.


Matt has sent out times for him to pop in and watch your IRA instruction and to provide feedback. He's also setting up times to model mini-lessons. It is awesome that we have Matt as a resource to us! I want to ensure that we are ALL using him. Coaches are working very hard to provide a true coaching model. That consists of modeling, observing and then supporting. Our students will benefit from our continued professional development.

IRA and Mini-Lesson Sign Up

PD and PLC Agenda
- Always subject to change but as accurate as possible for now. Please note on this calendar that PD/PLC/ RA/Core are highlighted different colors to make it easier to find. Also, we've had to swap some PD/PLC's due to Matt's availability and district wide PD demands. We will have a couple of Tech PD's but this quarter we will try to integrate tech resources into the PD of the week (as appropriate).The second quarter will be primarily focused on Mini-Lessons. Matt and I will provide you with a framework of the Literacy model we are moving toward. We've agreed to take it ONE STEP AT A TIME. There will be three main components of the new model.

1. Mini Lesson

2. Guided Reading

3. Word Study.

We are only asking you to focus on mini-lessons.

October 30 Introduction to a mini-lesson,

November 8th mini lesson review and working PD

Three weeks to observe Matt doing mini- lessons and to have him come watch your mini-lessons.

December 11th discuss how mini lessons are going and working PD to plan for second semester.

Q2 PD/PLC Calendar

Nuts and Bolts

First Grade Cogat Testing Monday and Tuesday.

Tuesday- Kindergarten Character Book Parade 3:25

TUESDAY PD- Mini Lessons

Wednesday PLC- Grade Level TEAM Focus

Brook at CFA training Wednesday-Friday. Shari and Stephanie will also attend on Thursday and Friday.

Great Job! We had 100% completion of Open Enrollment. Unfortunately, the maintenance department completed first.

What's Coming Up


30-11/17 COGAT Testing Window

30- 11/4 School Store Fundraiser

31 Book Character Dress up day-KDG and staff



1 60’s dress up day-4th grade fundraiser

2 Picture Retakes

6-10 College Go Week

6 Evacuation Drill

7 CPI Refresher

7 Counselors Meeting

9 District Tech Team K-12

10 Midterm Ends

10 Veteran’s Day Program

15 midterm grades posted

15 70’s dress up day-4th grade fundraiser

16 Major Saver Campaign Kick Off

16-Dec 2 Major Saver

17 All Pro Dads