PBIS Newsletter 1/28/22

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Up Coming Dates

Friday, January 28th: Report Cards go home

Wednesday February 9th: Tentative Dance Off Date

Monday February 21st-March 1st: Winter Break

Valentine's Day Reminder

Please be reminded that we do not celebrate Valentine's day at school. On Monday February 14th, please do not send your students to school with treats or Valentine's cards to distribute. Some teachers and teams may dedicate some time to friendship and kindness activities, however there will not be Valentine's Day celebrations.
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What's Happening for PBIS in our School

It may be chilly outside but we are staying warm and cozy. Our focus in January and February is taking care of ourselves by making health choices. Each week we will have a different focus for healthy choices ranging from getting outside (or the gym) to walk, stretching, mindfulness, self awareness, and yoga - something for everyone!

This past week students tried out Coloring for Calmness. The simple act of coloring can take your attention away from stress and bring you into the present moment. While you are focused on coloring the brain can relax. Here are a couple of links to get you started:

Art Hub for Kids

Mandala Coloring

We will celebrate healthy choices with Grateful Fridays- students will explore different things we can be grateful for; friends, classmates, community, grateful for fun- and there will be different spirit days to dress up in honor of these things. We will be having some fun exciting winter months at Fleming!

Thank you for supporting your student(s) in our fundamentals: Take Care of Yourself, Take Care of Each Other, and Take Care of Our Community.

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PBIS Data for December and January

Data is an integral part of the PBIS program. Examining where our school-wide expectations are not being met allows us to focus on areas for reteaching and practicing (Take Care of Yourself, Take Care of Others, Take Care of Our Community).

December/January data showed a decrease in behaviors relating to our bathrooms (e.g. vandalism). Cases of defiance, disruption, disrespect and physical contact were reported on the playground (recess) and the cafeteria at lunch time. Classroom teachers have retaught the expectations for both areas of school, and we are working hard to improve!

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Masks at School - “Take Care of Each Other”

Staff spend a good portion of their day reminding students to either put on their mask or wear it correctly. The more time we spend on this issue, the less time we have for learning and enjoying each other. Please talk to your child about following expectations and make sure they are wearing properly fitting masks. Masks are available at school if needed. Thank you for your support on this important issue.

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Updates from our Nurse

We are entering a new phase in our response to the pandemic. If you haven’t done so already, I strongly encourage you to read the EWSD Communication: COVID Testing Update.

Here are some of the takeaways from our shift in response:

What has NOT changed:

  • Your student should not come to school sick. Regardless of vaccination status and COVID status, students and staff should not be in school with symptoms.

  • If a student becomes sick during the school day, they will need to go home.

  • If your student has tested positive for COVID, keep them home from school and contact me. I will help you with isolation timelines and answer any questions you may have.


  • When there is a COVID positive student or staff member, we will not contact trace. Instead, classmates will be identified as ‘presumptive close contacts’.

  • Each evening at 5pm, there will be an EWSD email that will list positive COVID cases that were in school while infectious.

    • The communication will list the last date the individual was in school while infectious.

    • The classroom teacher’s name will be listed as well.

  • If you notice your student’s classroom teacher is listed in the email, you should click on this link.

    • If your student was a presumptive contact and you would like to receive COVID antigen tests, you should complete this form to request antigen tests.

    • Please only complete this form if your student is a presumptive contact.

    • Please complete this form each time you would like to request more tests; again, only complete it if your student was identified as a presumptive contact.

    • If you are unable to access the form, you can call me at 802-857-7789 or email me at dknuth@ewsd.org to request a test kit.

    • I will make sure tests and recommendations on testing dates, based on your student’s exposure, are placed in your student’s backpack the next day school is in session.

  • Please contact me if you need testing kits for illness and community exposure. Once supplies are more robust, I will be able to distribute them more liberally for these reasons and for in-home exposures as well.

  • Please use this LINK which includes a Decision Flowchart of the new guidance.

Thank you,

Danielle Knuth- School Nurse

Meet Our Staff

Meet Mrs. Palmer

Jackie Palmer is no stranger to working with children. Though she is a recent addition to the Fleming team, she has been working with children for most of her career. As an Instructional Assistant, Mrs. Palmer works closely with students on the fifth grade Endeavor team.

Recently, Mrs. Palmer answered a few questions about her background, hopes for this school year and some of things she enjoys doing outside of school.

Question: What brought you to Fleming and what is your background?

Answer: I recently left a 32 year career at a childcare center in Burlington and was looking for other employment opportunities in the education field. My primary role during the last several years was Assistant Director and Infant Teacher. I have a strong background in Child Development, Curriculum Planning and Developmentally Appropriate Practice. I am thrilled to be a part of the Fleming community, and appreciate feeling so supported and welcomed by staff and students as I enter this new chapter of my career.

Question: What is something you’re looking forward to this school year?

Answer: I truly hope that we get to a place where we no longer have to wear a mask and we can see smiling faces filling the halls.

Question: What do you like to do outside of school?

Answer: I enjoy gardening, reading books and spending time with family and friends.

Question: What is a fun fact about you that you would like to share with the Fleming community?

Answer: I live very close to the Fairgrounds and have worked for Mr. Sausage for 15 years, at the Fair as well as the Maplefest in St. Albans. It is super fun.

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Meet Mr. Etienne

Marcel Etienne may be a new addition to the Fleming staff, but he is not a new addition to EWSD. Previously, Mr. Etienne (or Mr. E), worked at Hiawatha Elementary School. This year, he continues to work as an Instructional Assistant as part of the Endeavor fourth grade team.

Though the school year is well underway, Mr. Etienne recently answered a few questions about what brought him to Fleming and some of the things he is looking forward to as the school year progresses.

Question: What is your background and what brought you to our school?

Answer: I was previously working at Hiawatha, and I’m interested in working with fourth and fifth graders, so it made sense to move to Fleming with my student. I’m getting a teaching license in Special Education and I wanted to continue to work in education.

Question: What are you most looking forward to this school year?

Answer: I’ve heard that the dance off is cool. The song is picked during P.E. and each class gets to learn a routine, and I think it will be fun to see the class I work with learn more and continue the process together!

Question: What’s something you enjoy doing outside of school?

Answer: I like to paint and travel. I’m interested in visiting other countries and I also like to hike. About five years ago, I started to take watercolor painting more seriously and now I offer classes to adults in my free time. I love to paint and I view it as relaxing and a way to practice mindfulness.

Question: What is a fun fact about you that you’d like to share with the Fleming community?

Answer: I lived in France for six years. My dad is French and it was fun to spend time in that country!

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Book Suggestions

Reading is a great way to connect with your child and reinforce the skills and tools they are learning at school. Listed below are a few books that are available for checkout from the Fleming School Library. Email Carrie Ishaq at cishaq@ewsd.org to have a book sent home with your child or check out our online library by using the Sora App. Click here for more information on how to access books online using Sora.
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