Hello Grade 4 & 5

From your teachers Ms Anuja & Ms Yvette

Dear Students,

Happy 2016! We are Ms Anuja and Ms Yvette and are excited to be your co-teachers this year.

Hey, it's Ms Anuja! You already know me and I know all of you. I love being outdoors and playing sports. My other favourite past times include reading and eating all types of delicious delights in Singapore. All of the wonderful memories we created during 2015 are still fresh in my mind and I need you to get ready as we are about to embark on some great memory making experiences in 2016 as we reach for the stars! Let's rock 2016!

Hi, it's Ms Yvette. Most of you already know me from our combined Sunset Buddies and PDHPE sessions from 2015. I am really looking forward to getting to know all of you a lot better! Some of my hobbies include watching football and scuba diving. One of my favourite past times however is playing with my pet dog, Bubba (photo below).

We are so excited to welcome you back to the new school year, which will be filled with lots of learning and fun!

See you soon,

Ms Anuja and Ms Yvette