Angus Cattle(Doodies)

By Jack Salmon

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When, How, Why and where?

The Angus Cattle First came to Australia on January 1824 and they arrived at the Hobart town docks. They were also sent to Darling Downs Queensland in 1840.

The Angus Cattle came to Australia by a boat witch was from Aberdeenshire Scotland. They first landed in Tasmania witch was known as Van Dieman's Land. The first record of Cattle was 8 Cattle that were unloaded at the Hobart town docks in January 1824.

Angus Cattle came to Australia for Food (Beef) for the people of Australia to eat. They make products like steak, sausages and the meat in McDonald's Burgers. In the 19th century they were used for wool. They are a high quality beef and are use widely for crossbreeding to improve milking.

The Angus Cattle came from Aberdeenshire Scotland.

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Facts about Angus Cattle.

1-Angus beef is on every fast food menu.

2-In the united States, Angus cows are one of production. Purebred and hybrid Angus account for more than 60 percent of commercial cattle.

3-Cattle are extremely curious creatures and investigate anything and everything.

Impact on people

The Angus Cattle produced Beef and other meat products. They also produced lots of wool in the 19th Century. The Angus Cattle also are now used for crossbreeding to improve carcase quality and milking. They are alsoused as a genetic dehorner.

Impact on land

The Angus Cattle had a big effect on the environment. Even though they ate lots and lots of grass they still produced lots of Beef products like ribs.

Impact on Animals

Scientists have now discovered a lethal gene in the body of an Angus cattle. It is a result of a mutation that occurred and no one is at fault. the mutation is known as Arthrogryposis Multiplex (AM).