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Hard Drive

Hard drive

The hard drive is used to save everything, this is the computers memory storage, without it you wouldn't be able to save anything on the computer, NOTHING, not even the desktop background would be saved and not even if you created different users, basically you would have to create a new user every-time you would log on

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Basically what the Hard Drive also does is it stores your system, so if you didn't have the Hard Drive you wouldn't be able to even load your computer, it would show a black screen with text rapidly scrolling down checking everything works but it would stop when it would get to loading the Operating System and close.

Hard Drive pictures

Hard drives are vital for a computer

Frequently asked questions

How much is a Hard Drive? Well it depends on the model and type.

What do Hard Drives look like? The pictures above

Can you load a Hard Drive disk in a CD player? No, The disks are different from CD's

Do you have a pizza? no D:

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Hard drives are important. Just like CPUs (Central Processing units) and Rams (Random access memories)