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From the Desk of the Junior/Senior High School Principal

Pardon the Interruption

And now the break flies by like it was in a hurry or something. I hope everyone is fully recharged and ready to rock and roll for this Spring semester. A lot of the time, the spring semester gets a bad rap. The winter is fraught with snow days (little secret, teachers like them just as much as the kids do), Basketball games feel like there is a different one every day, and you go to school while it is dark out, and leave when it is dark out. Then all of a sudden it is spring break and you get a mini recharge week in there for the big push. After which, there is the long dark of the last three months of school as we rifle through track meets, softball and baseball games, prom, promotion, graduation, summer! Spring break always feels like both the longest semester and the shortest at the same time.

Here are a few of my general rules that always helped me survive spring semester as both a student and a teacher.

1. We are all in this together. Teachers, students, staff, community. We are all in this for the same reason. We want this school and its students to shine.

2. Make the most of it. Students hear this all the time and here you are hearing it again. Make the most of your time this semester. Seniors are in their last semester in school and for underclass, these are your last days with these seniors. We also have staff retiring this year so take the time to let them know how much they are appreciated for their years of service. Make sure that you can look back years from now and know you made the most of your spring semester.

3. We all want to be outside. As the weather starts to get warmer, don't think for one second that I don't want to be out on the water catching crappie when the spawn hits. We want to be outside just as much as you do. It's like reverse cabin fever. Lets all take care of each other and work together. this is kind of like rule one but rewritten slightly different, but the point is still the same.

4. Help each other. Never underestimate the power of kindness. Be kind to each other and it will greatly alter how this semester goes.

While I don't have much to discuss as we just fired up, there is a lot coming down the pipe that is worth noting.

Keep on making a difference.

Derek E. Smith

King and Queen of Courts Activities Upcoming

Just like Homecoming in the fall, we are introducing some new activities to the King and Queen of Courts Spirit week.

Friday Jan 27, Alumni Basketball Game. We will host an all alum basketball game to give us a chance to celebrate our past and maybe raise a few funds for a few of our programs. Entry fee will be a free will donation that will support the Honor Flight program. There will also be a meal provided (TBD on organization) The doors will open at 6:00 and games will start at 6:30.

Both men and women of past basketball teams are encouraged to sign up.

Cost per player is $25,

There will be a $5 donation free throw contest, a $5 donation for 3 point contest. These will be 50/50 contests where the winner will win half the proceeds of the contest.

Please contact Mrs. Cochren or Mrs. Mulroy for more information ( or

Tuesday Dan 31, Talent Contest. The music department will be putting on a talent contest. This will be open to all JH students. Gate will be a free will donation that will support the music department. Anyone interested in participating can contact Mr. Moore to sign up

Finals Opt Outs

The opt outs for finals in the fall was a success so we will be doing it again, but with more chances.

1. Fewer than 5 tardies the whole semester

2. No office referrals/dress code violations/cell phone violations

3. Completing Xello program to 100% and conducting the student lead conference in March.

These opt outs were new to the teachers in the fall and they have embraced the concept. In the spring semester and beyond, every class will have some form of final assignment that will be due on finals day that will be eligible to be opted out of with the exception of college classes. Final assignments will also carry more weight moving forward that will have a greater impact on overall grades.

Fall Honor Roll

Look at that list of Honor Roll students for fall semester!!! We have some amazing students here.

HS S1 Honor Roll - 2022-2023 S1

Student NameGrade LevelLevel

Hutfles, Rebekah M12Principal's Honor Roll

Mulroy, Mallori G12Principal's Honor Roll

Olberding, Kanyon R12Principal's Honor Roll

Brown, Lillian R11Principal's Honor Roll

Cochren, Dawson M11Principal's Honor Roll

Hutfles, Michaela11Principal's Honor Roll

Proffitt, Kryndon X11Principal's Honor Roll

Holliday, Kade10Principal's Honor Roll

McMahon, Azlyn J10Principal's Honor Roll

Moore, Jarrett-Wayne Leroy10Principal's Honor Roll

Mulroy, Makinley Jace10Principal's Honor Roll

Carlson, Karma Jade9Principal's Honor Roll

Cochren, Chesnea Grace9Principal's Honor Roll

Schierling, Anna E9Principal's Honor Roll

Askren, Paden M8Principal's Honor Roll

Gulotta, Ethan I8Principal's Honor Roll

Kirk, Eli M8Principal's Honor Roll

Robertson, Michael L8Principal's Honor Roll

Amon, Nicole A7Principal's Honor Roll

Bales, Owen M7Principal's Honor Roll

Condo, Duecallion M7Principal's Honor Roll

Newberry, Emma7Principal's Honor Roll

Rodvelt, Rylan C7Principal's Honor Roll

Schlodder, Mickenzie7Principal's Honor Roll

White, Gracie M7Principal's Honor Roll

Buck, Josie A12Gold Honor Roll

Joiner, Jesse Ray12Gold Honor Roll

Brucken, Emma11Gold Honor Roll

Cornelison, Michael A11Gold Honor Roll

Kilpatrick, Haddlea11Gold Honor Roll

Kirk, Felicity R11Gold Honor Roll

McKinney, Samuel David Jr11Gold Honor Roll

Bosley, Taylor Nichole10Gold Honor Roll

Dieckmann, Kammy F10Gold Honor Roll

Robinson, Jace A10Gold Honor Roll

Will, Clara Marie10Gold Honor Roll

Allen, Ian9Gold Honor Roll

Bowhay, Teagen Vincent9Gold Honor Roll

Doyle, Jace Robert9Gold Honor Roll

Gulotta, Anthony W9Gold Honor Roll

Lawson, Madison9Gold Honor Roll

Mellies, Drake9Gold Honor Roll

Self, Laramie Adella9Gold Honor Roll

Slipke, Brooke R9Gold Honor Roll

Browning, Brody8Gold Honor Roll

Deneault, Alexis Grace8Gold Honor Roll

Ivy, Sofia Linn8Gold Honor Roll

Anderson, Nevaeh7Gold Honor Roll

Bowhay, Kolby D7Gold Honor Roll

Brucken, Ashlyn A7Gold Honor Roll

Edwards, Gage Walter7Gold Honor Roll

Parrett, Angel Rae7Gold Honor Roll

Rash, Alexa K7Gold Honor Roll

Schierling, Luke T7Gold Honor Roll

Shupe, Sawyer C7Gold Honor Roll

Browning, Alexander T12Green Honor Roll

Caballero, Julian Butto12Green Honor Roll

Doyle, Haden S12Green Honor Roll

Rieschick, Makenna R12Green Honor Roll

Thompson, Kaylee A12Green Honor Roll

Williams, Jude12Green Honor Roll

Linck, Nathaniel Isaac11Green Honor Roll

Smith, Emilee Paige11Green Honor Roll

Buck, Jennifer10Green Honor Roll

Cattrell, Savannah E10Green Honor Roll

DeVader, Nicole L10Green Honor Roll

Fritz, Emirson B10Green Honor Roll

Rash, Ava Rae10Green Honor Roll

Watkins, Mattox10Green Honor Roll

Wellman, Abigail Renee10Green Honor Roll

Wilson, Dyllon10Green Honor Roll

Bottom, James Pacyn9Green Honor Roll

Browning, Talen M9Green Honor Roll

Cochran, Layla9Green Honor Roll

Dallas, Kendra Mary-Kathryn9Green Honor Roll

Hackathorn, Ashlin Nikole9Green Honor Roll

Hewitt, Cooper M9Green Honor Roll

Holliday, Jackson W9Green Honor Roll

Sides, Emma Grace9Green Honor Roll

Will, Carter Grant9Green Honor Roll

Bales, Grant Mason8Green Honor Roll

Hewitt, Lakota D8Green Honor Roll

Ingels, Kolden W8Green Honor Roll

Innes, Brayden Patrick Shawn8Green Honor Roll

Jager, Josie L8Green Honor Roll

Lemon, Jonnathan8Green Honor Roll

Mellies, Jennifer A.8Green Honor Roll

Peek, Sir J8Green Honor Roll

Banaka, Jordyn B7Green Honor Roll

Holliday, Gage C7Green Honor Roll

Hustead, Torsten J7Green Honor Roll

Jones, Madeline Jane7Green Honor Roll

Montgomery, Devyn P7Green Honor Roll

Ramey, Matthias7Green Honor Roll

Robbins, Avery7Green Honor Roll

Schumaker, Aiden W7Green Honor Roll

Streeter, Sabrina7Green Honor Roll

Terwilliger, Devon7Green Honor Roll

Wichman, LillyAnn P7Green Honor Roll

JR/SR High Events This Week: Jan 9-14


Board Meeting @ 7:00

MS Pep Rally 2:45 pm @ Elementary Gym

MS Boys BB Vs St. Benedict @ 4:30 pm


HS BB @ Oskaloosa 4:30 pm


FFA Speech @ Marysville 9:00 am


MS Boys BB @ Valley Falls 4:30 pm

HS Scholars Bowl @ Holton 4:00 pm


HS BB Vs JCN 4:30


Powerlifting @ Ft. Scott

HS Scholars Bowl NEKL @ Horton 9:00 am

Derek E. Smith

This break for my family had polar opposite events. The Italian daughter came and enjoyed two weeks of relaxation with us and even came with me to school the first two days to enjoy Jackson Heights hospitality. As always Britt, the boys, and I always love every minute we get to spend with our Italian kid. However, her time here was met with some hardship.

On the last day of school last semester, Britt's brother Bryan, passed away. He was an incredible young man. He had been confined to a wheel chair his entire life and was never able to communicate audibly. Through these apparent disadvantages, he managed to touch the lives of uncountable people just through his smile alone. He was able to make incredible artwork though the use of an art tracker that would ask him hundreds of questions per brush stroke on a canvas that he was able to answer through eye movement. I personally only got to know him over the past ten year, but his influence on my teaching style is palpable. He is pictured here hanging out with Britt and Dietger (my service dog that was retired Air Force K-9) on one of their visits. Everyone Bryan met instantly enjoyed his presence. To say his sudden passing was a shock is an understatement.

As her entire family lives in Ohio, we immediately planned to fly Britt up there to be with her family. As Erica was inbound the same day, myself and the boys stayed here in Kansas to get her. We wound up spending Christmas day apart, but Hiccup decided that daddy should talk Santa into waiting on our house until mom can be home and we could have Christmas as a family, which Santa obliged us and came the following Friday night with the whole family plus the Ohio chapter of the family getting to be there as well. While there was hardship and difficulties for the Smith family over the break, we made the most of it and enjoyed each other all the more and recharged for the upcoming Semester.

Always try to be nice, but never fail to be kind.

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