Nuclear Fusion Press Release

By Audrey Ledford December 4, 2015

A Little Bit About Me

Hi, I'm Audrey Ledford and I work at the San Diego Lab with my scientist Braxton Barber. In our lab we were trying to unlock the secret to nuclear fusion. Our discovery was magnificent! We realized that the energy the sun uses, nuclear fusion, was the joining of atoms in a chain reaction. This amounts to extremely powerful amounts of energy that can be controlled. This is unlike nuclear fission, which is the splitting of atoms such as uranium. They are both types of Nuclear Energy.

Safety Concerns and Precautions When Using Nuclear Fusion

First off, you shouldn't be using any type of nuclear energy unless you are a trained professional. Here are three things you should be careful about

-possible release of tritium

-Radioactive waste

-possibility of a fuel melt down

- explosions

Economic Impact of Nuclear Fusion

Nuclear Fusion impacts the economy more than you might think. Building a nuclear plant costs lots of money, and you have to find a space for it. A good thing is that this energy type causes no greenhouse gas emissions! The energy rate is a lot higher than most. This is due to the fast splitting atoms of chain reactions. This is a global concept that is found in conventional energy markets. It is a technology that is suppose to take over the energy markets. This energy is offers so much opportunity to advance our world.