Shopping Town

Shop till you drop

Around our world

Welcome to shopping town!!!! If you look on the Hanover street you will see the Country Side Pool and right next to it is our rotation with the horses. Then right next to that is our dog park. The spheres represent our translation. The cone is a house that Lucy and Murphy share. Then on the Wentwood drive side is our Almost Broke Ice Cream. It got its name because your shopping all day and they're almost

broke. We also have the malls parking lot. Our streets are Hanover Street, Wentwood Drive , Narts Blvd, Flomba Street, Rich Lane, and Bomba Drive. In the parking lot the parking spaces are our reflection. Our six shapes are a cone, a rectangular prism, a sphere, a cube, a triangle, a rectangle. Last but certainly not least we have our Mallerina!!! It has 102 stores in it and at night you light it up with mini suns. For our angles we have right, obtuse, and acute.Our obtuse angle is located between Narts and Flomba. Our acute angle is located between Rich and Hanover. Our right angle is located between Bomba and Wentwood. If you want to come go somewhere over the rainbow. ;]

Meet The Builders

I Lauren Welp and Sydney Moore built shopping town. It was a real project! It was so much fun working with her. I am 10 and she is 9.She loves to play basketball, volleyball. I love to dance and play soccer. ;]