"carbo" = carbon "hydr" = hydrogen "ate" = indicates oxygen

Elements of carbs

Carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen in a 1:2:1 ratio

Ex: C6H12O6

Carbohydrates are the biomolecules responsible for providing organisms with ENERGY! and occasionally providing a support structure like a cell wall in plants
Another name for carbohydrates is saccharides, which just means "sugar" in Latin. A monosaccharide is a single unit of sugar, like glucose. These single units are called monomers.

mono = ONE

Carbohydrates have ring like structures!
A disaccharide is made of 2 monosaccharides that are connected to each other or bonded together

di = two

A polysaccharide is a chain of monosaccharides all bonded together

poly = many

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Names of Sugars

glucose = energy sugar (monosaccharide)

sucrose = table sugar (disaccharide)

lactose = milk sugar (disaccharide)

fructose = fruit sugar (monosaccharide)

cellulose = plant starch (polysaccharide)

Examples of Carbs in food:







Summary: What is the structure and function of a carbohydrate?