Mrs. Reuter's Class Chronicles

November 9-November 13, 2015

Our Class

Language Arts

We started our character perspective project for The Little Prince. We had to write a couple of paragraphs about what our character would do if they had a conversation with another explorer that came to their planet. The characters we got to choose from were the rose, fox, tippler, geographer, King, business man, conceited man, lamplighter, and the snake. Before we started typing we made a chart that showed and explained what our character was like. We also did Writer's Workshop where we finished up our fractured fairytales. If you were finished with that you got to work on your writing choices. Diane, Tejal, and Morgan worked together for their perspective project because they all had the same character. We will finish our perspective projects next week. We had a lot of fun in Language Arts.

By Abby & Diane


This week in Science we learned more about water. At home, we calculated our water usage and listed the top ways we use water at home. In class, we talked about where we find water on Earth, like streams, creeks, oceans, rivers, lakes, and more. We also played a game where we had to match a water conservation problem with four solutions. It was fun!

By Greta & Matt

Social Studies

This week in Social Studies, we chose our explorers. Everyone chose a different explorer. We also looked up the definitions for our ship terms. We also talked about our Age of Sail field trip in March. We used our Social Studies textbooks to talk more about Christopher Columbus and the other early explorers. In our notebooks, we wrote down different things that the early Spanish explorers did in sequence order. After that, we wrote a script about King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella and how Christopher Columbus persuaded them to give him money for the voyage.

By: Maya & Tedla


Art with Ms. Martucci

This week in Art we had lots of fun! It was time to get a little messy! The class was assigned to paint with water colors. We had to paint a beautiful landscape, which, thanks to Ms. Martucci, made it easier. And because it was easier, Tedla had a much better time! Our clean up helpers—group one—were very strict. In my opinion, we did pretty well. [For water colors.] But, they gave us an average of .5. It was out of five, so that is pretty bad! Some people liked the project and painted very good pictures. But, some people did not like the project and did not take as much time on their's. The paintings were awesome and fun to make!

By Nick & Morgan

Music with Mrs. Kim

Unfortunately, we did not have music this week due to Veteran's Day. This week, we got assigned our Explorer Project that is due on the 15th of December. Mrs. Reuter used an electronic stick picking app to figure out which order we got to select our explorer. Tú got Bartolomeu Dias and Ethan F. got Jacques Cartier. There are several key points to the project and there's going to be a lot of work to be done. One of the components is an explorer notebook, which includes a map, public announcement, and more. There is also going to be a presentation to the monarchy where we dress up as our explorers. Once again, there is a lot of work to be done and is due in a month, so don't procrastinate.

By Ethan F & Ethan H

PE with Ms. Davis & Mr. Ussery

This week of Physical Education we practiced basketball techniques. We learned how to do suicides. Suicides are when you touch base line, free throw line, half court line, the other free throw line and the other base line. Ms. Davis told us that this routine means asthmatic. Asthmatic means out of breath. Being asthmatic keeps you in shape and warms you up before a basketball game. We practiced layup lines where you have an outlet group, a shooter group to score the baskets and the rebounders. We had a fun time playing basketball this week of Physical Education!

By Jessica & Jaina

FIERCE Time with Ms. Johnson

This week in design thinking, we discussed with our groups about obesity. Our design thinking project this year is finding solutions to obesity. The teachers in our groups gave us a folder. They told us that at the end of the project, the folder will be full of all of our information of the project. The first things we did for this project was making a cover page that matches the subject, obesity. We also mad a graphic organizer that we had to make three questions and find the answers to them on three different websites. The cover page had to include the names of the people in our group, and a picture. We all can't wait until we finish this project!

By Rod & Katie

Spanish with Señorita Webb

This week in Spanish we did many fun things! On Monday we learned how to play Spot It. Before we played Spot It we went over our animals. After Spot It we did a worksheet. When you play Spot It you first need to pick out a writer. Next, the writer gets a sheet of paper and writes down everything that is said. Then we would give each player the same amount of cards except the writer only gets one. Then the writer puts a card in the middle. And a player must find a match. Who ever loses all his cards first wins. Spanish was very fun this week!

By Greta & Matt

Coming Up Next

Next week in Language Arts, the students will be reviewing the nine parts of speech using persuasive writing. They will also be completing their Little Prince character perspective pieces. In Writer's Workshop, the students have completed their fractured fairytales and are in the midst of their second quarter writing choices. In Social Studies, we will continue to look an explorers, focusing on the types of ships used during the Age of Discovery and Spain's early foothold in the Americas. The students are strongly encouraged to bring pieces of their Explorer Project each day to work on in class when time permits. In Science, we will continue with water with a demonstration of the different locations and corresponding percentages of salt water and fresh water on Earth. We will also complete our read aloud of One Well: The Story of Water on Earth.

Mrs. Reuter

Parents: Try it out!

As we move more deeply into our Design Thinking project, help your student brainstorm solutions for promoting healthier eating and exercise.

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