Genetically Modified Foods

Its All Natural!

Plants and Animals genetically modify themselves over time so we're just helping them to get on the more favorable path. The plants we eat have gone through countless amounts of modifciation to be the best they can be for the customer. In recent years Genetically Modifying Plants has become more simple.

The plants will help to feed our increasing population

Farmers will benefit from the biotechnolgy

Farmers won't have to spray for bugs very day. With GMO's the farmer will have more time to tend to the crops versus spraying for bugs. Also soil erosion can be prevented with GMO's allowing fields to be used longer by farmers. The crop numbers are also increased in the U.S. byu this technique meaning more food.

Almost all foods are GMO's!

The GMO's can help the enviornment

Farmers who modify their crops will only have to spray their crops with pesticides one or two times versus eight to ten. Plus farmers are finding ways around polluting the enviornment and still modifying the crops.