Rebel Without A Cause


Belonging and Family


Trait 1: Drunk


  • He got taken down town to the police station
  • Acting out at the police station
  • Can barely walk (nobody seems shocked to see him there)

Trait 2: Sneaky


  • Always on the look out
  • He is always running places
  • "Looks" around before he does things

Trait 3: Careless


  • Blurts out
  • Doesn't respect others while they speak
  • Doesn't truly pay attention to anything or anybody

The Chickie Run

The picture below represents that Jim is not a chicken. They wanted to mess with Jim and they figured by using the chicken to represent the night at the police station that they wouldn't get in trouble because they knew that Jim would do whatever he needed to, to prove he wasn't afraid.
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Theme: What does it mean to be a man?

In the movie it portrays a variety of themes, but this one stuck to me. Jim tries really hard to be the best of the best. He doesn't like when people don't like him, and he doesn't like when people don't believe in him. Jim is brave and strong and I definitely think he shows us what a true man looks like, and what a true man can do.

Questions From Discussion

Whose family situation do you think is the worst and why?

I spoke to my group about how I felt Plato had the worst family situation. In order to have a "family situation" you have to have a family. Plato has been abandon by his family and hasn't had the opportunity to even connect with "parent" figures and or get the same feel any other teenage kid would feel. Plato has gone through so much, and not having a family makes it worse. He has nobody to look up to, and when he gets upset and down on himself or because of another reason he will have nobody to comfort him or nobody to talk to about what he is going through or what he has gone through.


Jim definitely has learned from his experiences. But at the same time I don't think that he will change. He is always drinking and getting in trouble with the law. Jim doesn't understand that he is hurting people. He is oblivious to everything, and causes issues between people in society. Hostility is a big part of this film, reasoning being that all of the kids rebel and cause issues between them and their families and others in the community.

Problems and Challenges


  • His father thinks that he is a bad kid, and needs to stop causing hostility.
  • Jim is afraid of being titled "a chicken." He doesn't want people to think that he is weak or not strong enough to stand up for what he believes in.

I don't think what Jim is doing is bad, but I think that he is definitely causing issues between him and his family. With the choices he was making or made he could've caused issues between him mother and father. Jim just needs to be smarter with the decisions he makes and think before he does. Things happen for a reason, but things can also be controlled and stopped before bad situations happen.