Behavioral Help CA*

A Guide by Mohamed Salma. *Communication Application


Improving your behavior in a class can be hard and it can be easy for some. The reason you should try to improve your behavior is that sometimes your behavior can have an indirect or a direct impact and reflection of your grades.

Steps and requirements.

If you want to improve your behavior in any class, you're going have to do some requirements. Your foolish behavior might lead to you getting points off grades and important tests. The requirements are as follows; A good time schedule, sitting by people who don't talk, etc....

Step 1: Focus

Focus all your energy on the tasked that was assigned. Try to never lose focus of your task, that way you won't have time for shenanigans thus improving your grades while also improving your behavior in the class.


By focusing mainly on your task, you're more able to do what the teacher assigns without losing focus on it. Focusing on the task that is assigned can make you understand what is happening in class, alongside could also improve your grades.

Step 2: Ignore people

The second step to this guide is to ignore people when they talk, or when they talk to you; other people could talk to you and it would be hard for you not to answer/listen to them, but by ignoring people you could decrease the amount of talking that you do in the class.


Ignoring other people will leave undisturbed since you would ignore them.

Step 3: Non-verbal

Since this is a speech class, they (teachers) have probably already taught you about the kinds of communication. By using this it can show that you were paying attention when she was teaching. Also non-verbal communication is done without any sound, so it's better than verbal whispering.


Non-Verbal communication includes

  • Body language
  • Facial Expressions
  • Gestures

Step 4:Change Seats

If the people around you talk a lot and you can't focus on the subject, or get detracted; You can ask your teacher to move you somewhere else without all the disturbances and nuisances.

Step 5:Practice

If none of the above work out you should start practicing how to calm down and try not to be a disturbance to the students who are a actually working. You should fight the urge to talk or to talk back/answer to a person. When you want to talk you can use Non-verbal(see Step 3)


By improving your behavior you are also able to improve your grades, even though it might take time to improve, it's still a good start.