~~~The Miller's Makeover~~~

Pardoner Left With No Hair

Pardoner planning to press charges against Prioress.

Knowing the kind of sneaky and money wanted people the nuns are, they struck a deal with the Miller to give him a makeover for his gold. The Prioress went in the Pardoner's room overnight and cut off his hair to use it for the Miller because that was the thing he wanted the most. When the makeover was over, the Miller look great as ever, but the Pardoner had to pay the price. The nuns were baffled when they discovered the gold they received from the miller was fake.

~The Letter~

Pardoner Threatens Prioress

Pardoner sends a letter to Prioress threatening her.

The letter stated "If you shall step foot in this town again you will be executed by me with my own sword"

Prioress have yet to replied

Some say we may never see her again

Big Reveal of the Miller's New Look

Tuesday, June 9th, 12:15pm

Canterbury, United Kingdom

Canterbury, England

Down below is the video of the Pardoner and Prioress's lives before this drama occurred.

Song Prioress sings as she runs away for the rest of her life.