Andrew Jackson

US 7th president

Spoils system

When Andrew Jackson became the president, he had to give out jobs he promised. In order to keep his promises, he fired people who currently had jobs. Then, he hired people who helped him win the vote, even though they weren't qualified. Andrew Jackson did not care and hired many people who were not helpful, just to keep his promises he made to make sure he won the votes.

Trail of tears

When the white men and Andrew Jackson wanted the land where Cherokees were currently living on, they wanted to get rid of the Cherokees. The Cherokees did not think this was fair so they took it to the court. This court case, known as the Worcester vs Georgia, John Marshall ruled that Georgia (and Jackson) couldn't interfere with the Cherokees. Andrew Jackson ignored the supreme court and removed the Cherokees for the land.

Nullification crisis

South Carolina didn't want to pay the tariffs because they had to rely on imported goods. So they threatened to secede. When Jack heard the threat he and the congress passed the force bill which allowed Jackson to use the military for South Carolina to pay the tariffs. In the end they came to an agreement with the 1833 compromise to pay only some of the taxes they had to pay.

Letter from a plantation owner (positive)

Dear President Jackson,

I am a plantation owner in Georgia. I would like to inform you that your choice of removing the Cherokees was a very good idea. Now I am able to own a larger plantation that lets me farm to make more money from. My family is happy with this big change in our life and I would like to thank you for your generous decision of removing the Cherokees. All the people in our town also seems very happy with this change. Now all of us are able to raise more money and contribute to the US economic activities. I would like to thank you one last time for this change and your hard work to gain more land.

From a plantation owner.

Letter from a Cherokee (negative)

Dear President Jackson,

I'm a Cherokee currently living in Georgia with my tribe. I would like to say that we have been trying very hard to fit in with the Americans in order to live a peaceful life. But no matter how much our tribe tries to fit it to the Americans, it seems they really don't like us. I think the people are trying to push us out of our own lands for their benefits. If our tribe is pushed out for the benefit of the Americans, our tribe will never be the same. We will not get a good land to be our shelter. Please do not push us out of our own land.

From a Cherokee

Trail of tears political cartoon

This picture shows that a lot of white men are putting down a Cherokee. On the Cherokee's body the words "Cherokee nation" are written down. The men are pulling the strings tied to the Cherokee. This shows that the white men are forcefully removing the Cherokees from their land for their own benefits and the Cherokees couldn't do anything about it.