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September Newsletter

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First Days of School are September 3rd & 4th!!

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Welcome First Faith Families and Students!

Whether this is your first year at First Faith, or you've been with us for several years, we welcome you to a new and exciting 2019-2020 school year! We are so thrilled to be a part of your family’s life. Thank you for trusting us with your most precious gift from God…your child! We believe His hands are all over this place and we are blessed to have such incredible teachers and families.

Each monthly e-newsletter will communicate upcoming events, important school information, and any extra tid-bits for the month. Please read the monthly newsletters to stay plugged in! You can also check out our website or check us out on Facebook!

The first days of school are as follows:

Monday, Sept. 2nd -- Labor Day Holiday (no school)

Tuesday, Sept. 3rd -- First day of school for TTH and M-TH students

Wednesday, Sept. 4th -- First day of school for MW students

If you have paperwork to drop off, our remaining office hours during the month of August are as follows:

August 19th - 22nd from 9:00am-12:00pm

If you have any questions regarding first day of school, paperwork, tuition, etc., please email your questions to:

Brittni Blevins, Director --

Amy Strathman, Assistant Director --

** Please note -- the office will be CLOSED the week of August 26th-29th for staff training.

Looking forward to a FANTASTIC school year! See you in a few weeks!!

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Meet the Teacher Night

Thursday, Aug. 29th, 6-7:30pm

777 North Walnut Creek Drive

Mansfield, TX

Meet the Teacher Night will be on Thursday, August 29th (please see information below for times):

6:00-6:45pm -- MW students

6:30-7:15pm -- M-TH students

6:45-7:30pm -- TTH students

ALL families will begin in the gym! You'll pick up a card with your child's name on it (each child enrolled at First Faith will have their own card). This card will tell you who your child's teacher(s) are and what room number they're in. It will also indicate which tables you need to visit in the gym before proceeding to the classroom to meet the teacher(s). If an item has already been checked off on your card, it means you do NOT need to visit that table. If the check boxes next to the items are blank, it means you must visit those tables before you meet your child's teacher(s). The tables in the gym will be clearly labeled. Once you have visited all the tables in the gym, and had the items checked off on your card, you may head to the classroom to meet the teacher(s)!

Please be sure to visit the First Faith Volunteer table to learn more about serving on a committee or becoming a room mom for your child's class!

** Don't forget - if you have medical forms or any other paperwork to turn in, please bring it to Meet the Teacher Night!!

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Order Your 2019-2020 First Faith Spirit Shirts Online!

You can now order your student's First Faith t-shirt online! Just click the link below to place your order. The deadline to order t-shirts is Friday, September 13th (we will not accept orders after that date). Sizes range from 2T through adult sizes so, parents, don't forget to order your t-shirts as well!

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Top Ten Things to Know Before You Go to Preschool...

1. When dropping your child off, remember that drop-off time is no earlier than 8:55 am as we have a staff prayer at 8:45 am each morning.

2. Pick-up time is no later than 2:30 pm. Please call the FFP&K office if you know that you will be running late. Late fees will be assessed after 2:40 pm. ($10 at 2:40 pm, and $1 for every minute after 2:40 pm).

3. Snacks will be brought for the entire class on a rotating basis (peanut free, please). Your child’s teacher will have a schedule for your reference.

4. Monthly tuition is due at the beginning of each month. There will be a $25 late fee beginning on the 11th day of the month. Your child will be dropped from the program after the 15th of the month. Checks are payable to FUMC Mansfield. Also, we are requesting one check per child, please.

5. Every day, your child will need to bring extra underwear/diapers, a clean change of clothes, lunch, and nap mat. Please label everything your child brings to school, including bottles, pacifiers, sippy cups, lunch kits, backpacks and nap mats. You do NOT need to bring any school supplies...that's what your registration fee is for!

6. Please check your child’s folder each day and return it back to school the next school day. We will be sending home daily reports for you to read and discuss with your child.

7. Sign-in and sign-out sheets…PLEASE help us by making this an important part of your routine when dropping off/picking up your child. This is documentation that the state licensing rep will be depending on, and if everyone does their part, it will help out tremendously. Thank you ahead of time!

8. To maintain a safe environment:

Shoes---All children should wear shoes appropriate for outside play each day (flip flops/crocs/boots are discouraged). Shoes with a strap across the heel or tennis shoes are great!

Jewelry---Please do not send your child to school wearing jewelry (i.e. necklaces, bracelets, anklets, and dangle earrings) as this a choking hazard for the entire school.

9. Please try to have your children potty-trained by age three (we will work together!)

10. Security…Please enter through the wooden doors on the SE side of Building A (Pleasant Ridge) if you arrive between 9:30-2:00. You will need to check in with the receptionist.

Above all please remember...the first few weeks are always an adjustment for all of our kiddos, especially those who've never been in childcare before. But, not to worry mom and dad, our teachers are experts at calming fears and making sure each of their students feel loved! The best way to help us with this is to give a quick hug and kiss at the door and leave the rest up to the teachers. Short and sweet drop offs help the kids get into their day quickly, and result in less anxiety and tears.

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First Faith is a Peanut-Free Campus!

Please remember to bring a healthy peanut-free lunch for your child. Also, try to keep cookies and other sweets a treat for after school! Our students go down for rest time after lunch, so we need to keep sugar to a minimum. Thank you!

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Check it off your list...

Still have paperwork that needs to be turned in?? All required forms are available on our website! They can be found under “DOWNLOADS” at All students are required to have a completed Registration Form, Medical Form along with shot record, and Financial Agreement on file at school along with a photo of your child. Tables will be set up in the gym at Meet the Teacher night (Thursday, August 29th) to turn in your child’s completed forms. Also under “CALENDAR”, you will find a Calendar of Events for the 2019-2020 school year.

Your child’s medical form and a copy of shot records are due on or before the first day of school (September 3rd for TTH & M-TH classes or September 4th for MW classes). Forms can be downloaded from our website under “Downloads”. Your child will not be able to come to school until these state required forms are received. Please note we no longer have a fax machine; however, you can scan and email the medical form and shot records to Amy Strathman at Thank you!

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What Should My Child Bring to School Each Day?

12-17 months & 18-23 months

-Backpack, nap mat, blanket, and any comfort items

-Change of clothes

-2 diapers labeled with child’s name and extras in the backpack

-Sippy cup (name on lid and cup)

-Lunch (cut into bite-sized pieces and

peanut-free please).

Two Year Olds

-Backpack, nap mat, blanket, and any comfort items

-Change of clothes

-2 diapers or pull-ups labeled with child’s name and extras in the backpack

-Sippy cup (name on lid and cup)

-Lunch (cut into bite-sized pieces and

peanut-free please).

Threes, Fours and Kindergarten

-Backpack, nap mat, blanket, and any comfort items

-Change of clothes

-Water bottle

-Lunch (peanut-free please).

*** Please remember to label ALL items with your child's name!!! ***

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Music with Ms. Mayes

Ms. Mayes will be leading our music program and chapel time again this school year!

  • Music is a fun and interactive time for the children and a true favorite of all ages.
  • Chapel time will be in the sanctuary and will be filled with praise & worship songs followed by a story from the Bible.

Chapel will start on September 9th for MW classes and September 10th for TTH class.

Please drop off your child in the sanctuary first then take their belongings to their classroom. We do not want your child to miss out on any of this precious time in the sanctuary!

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Our school recognizes the importance of early childhood physical education, and we have chosen Stretch-n-Grow, the world’s largest network of children’s fitness professionals, to work with our children each week. The program is designed to promote exercise and wellness and to assist parents and teachers in developing good health and fitness habits in young children. Mrs. Shannon, a nationally certified youth fitness trainer and long-time SNG teacher at First Faith, will be back again this year to teach these fun classes!

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TOT Classes are Coming to First Faith

Teams of Tomorrow (TOT) will be offering after school classes for our First Faith students beginning in September! Classes focus on academic concepts along with athletic and agility skills. Your child will learn 25 ball skills, will have 2 opportunities to preform, and will be engaged mentally, physically and socially!

TOT classes will be offered to potty trained 3-5 year olds on Monday and Tuesday afternoons from 2:15-3:00pm in the gym.

Come see Ms. TOT at Meet the Teacher Night, August 29th, to find out more information including registration and tuition fees.

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