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Week #7 of the 4th 6 weeks: (7 wk. period)

February 16-19, 2016

Sharpen the Saw

Principal's Corner


I hope everyone had a restful weekend! It is always nice to get an extra day to spend time with family and friends.

This week is the last week in the 4th 6 weeks grading period. Please remember to allow students that do not pass their assessments to retake their exams. A quick way to do this is to scan and return. Students can be given the opportunity to redo on the spot. I have seen many teachers follow this practice and it is actually making students do a better job the first time because they know their teacher will expect them to do better. Students will rise to your expectations.

We will also be having extended planning this week. At this time, it is so important to plan out and readjust based on the student data. For third through fifth it is important to readjust the plans up to STAAR using the most current data. Coaches will be supporting your work during the extended planning.

Have a great week of teaching and learning!

HArd work conquers all!



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As of Friday 2/12:

5th Grade

Math: 26 instructional days

Reading: 27 instructional days

Science: 56 instructional days

4th Grade

Writing: 54 instructional days

Math: 55 instructional days

Reading: 56 instructional days

3rd Grade

Math: 54 instructional days

Reading: 56 instructional days


Coming up this week:


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K-5 Teachers,

As we’ve walked the hallways and observed classrooms, the language of inferencing is evident. Learning to infer is such an important skill for students of all ages.

According to Marzano (2010), inferencing is a critical foundational skill that students need as a foundation for other skills including higher-order thinking.

Inference skills are used across the curriculum, not just in Reading or Language Arts

Marzano also suggests that teachers pose four questions to students to facilitate a discussion about inferences:

  • What is my inference?
  • What information did I use to make this inference?
  • How good was my thinking?
  • Do I need to change my thinking?

These questions allow students to justify their thinking and continually make changes as they gain new information. The more practice students get, the more proficient they will become.

Dr. Garcia & Mrs. Mondragon

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5th 6 Weeks Curriculum Maps & Planning

Math teachers,

2-3: This week we will have our Extended Planning. We will meet in the library to plan for the 5th 6 weeks and the countdown to Spring ACP (2nd) & STAAR (3rd). Please make sure to have the following items to make our planning more efficient:

  • laptop
  • Engaging Mathematics Book (at least 1)
  • K-5 Math Teaching Resources binder (at least 1)
  • ESTAR/MSTAR binder
  • Kamico STAAR Diagnostics (3rd)
  • Blue planning binder with STAAR Master (3rd)

If you already started the curriculum map, please use the following link to copy & paste.



4th & 5th: We will have our Collaborative Planning Sessions to go over the curriculum map that you have put together. By identifying the TEKS that have not been covered and the TEKS that need to be reviewed before the STAAR, we will have an action plan for it.

Please have your laptops ready!

Also, we will use the Kamico Diagnostics to pull questions to use as our DOLs for at least one week.

3rd: Wednesday

4th: Thursday

Materials needed:

  • Laptop
  • Engaging Mathematics Book
  • K-5 Math Teaching Resources binder
  • Kamico STAAR Diagnostics
  • Blue planning binder with STAAR Master

Use this link to access the curriculum map template to fill out:



Have a great long weekend, enjoy!!! See you on Tuesday :)


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We celebrate the GREATNESS in you!!

  • Ms. Elvir is going to see Queen Bey! So excited for you!!!!
  • I loved my Secret Valentine present this week! So much love! Thanks, Ms. Cazares for organizing it!

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