Media News

September 2015

Acceptable Use Policy Forms (Internet Forms)

Student and staff acceptable use/internet forms should be turned in to Mrs. Magee ASAP. She is in the process of compiling a spreadsheet of which students have permission for what, but in the meantime, if you have a question, contact her.

Internet Safety Training

First period teachers, please complete this by no later than Wednesday, September 16! The shared Google doc at is a step-by-step lesson plan with links to the video and quiz, as well as instructions on submitting documents to Ms. Steed.

Student Accounts - Google & the new server

  • Google Account Problems: Send Ms. Steed students who do not yet have a Google account. Send Mrs. Magee students who are having issues with their existing account.
  • Google Security: Many students are putting their information at risk and creating problems for other students by staying logged in. When a student signs into Google, remind them to (1) Uncheck "stay signed in on this computer," AND (2) either open a private/incognito window or sign out and clear history "from the beginning of time" when finished.
  • Server Login Security: Mrs. Talent is in the process of changing over to a new server in which every student will have an individual login. It is IMPERATIVE that students log out of their accounts or they are putting their work at risk to be stolen/deleted by another student! Please remind students of this often.


  • Staff, when printing documents of a sensitive nature, please use the "private print" option. The following link explains how:
  • When students print, remind them to look and see where their document is printing.

Library News

  • Did you know you can get 5 free song downloads a week, plus ebooks and digital magazines. with a public library card? See Ms. Steed if you need library card applications or want her to come to your class for a quick introduction to the public library. The Bookmobile will also make its first visit Friday, September 18.
  • Banned Books Week is September 27 - October 3. Celebrate the freedom to read by checking out a banned book from the library!
  • Media staff have created a new organizational chart so it's easier for you to know who to contact for what. This information has been shared via Google Drive.