What Is Going On With Our Region

by dayzha

The Flowing Rivers

The glashers died like milons of yeras ago.The glashers are what created the rivers we have now.The river brought things lik soil from the north to the south.The soil was Fertile or also filled with vitinoms and other things plants need.Mant stats now have lost fertile soil.

An animal In The Mid West

What Is The State Bird

The state bird is the ornge brest robin.You can see an early apprens out of them at the end of winter.Most likely you will see them pulling earth worms from the ground.They are most poular for there worm ornge brest.But they are not just city birds they are also all over the wild including moutans, forest,and alska wildeness.
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American Robin Song

The Land Froms

The mid west is mostly flat land.There are not mush of hills and moutins.When the glashers moved they flatend hills and filled valeys with dirt.That made plains,or flat lands that coverd by grasses and wildflowers are called prairies.

Mining For Metal

Iron is an spechel thing in the mid west.Iron is used for lots of things that is why it is so impotant here.In the 1800's,Iron ore was found in minnesta and michigan.Ore is rock with other mineral's in it.
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Base Metals - Underground Mining