Democracy On The Goldfields 1850

Eureka Stockade

life on the goldfields

Life on the goldfields was very difficult because it was very hard to find gold.And only Sometimes if you were lucky you could find gold but most of the time you would not be able to find gold. It was also very hard to provide for there families because sometimes they would get sick.

The poor ladies would be cleaning ,cooking and working all day like a machine. They would also look after children while the men struggled to find gold in the hot conditions. When the men have finished mining they would come home very exhausted ,hungry and dirty and upset because they did not find any gold .

Food was very hard to get in the goldfields .They usually had to eat mutton and damper but only if they were lucky they could eat . But sometimes they did not have anything to eat and they would starve to death.

The Eureka Stockade

The Eureka Stockade

the Eureka Stokade started because the miners were fed up of how the government were treating them and also the licences were so expensive so they told a young irish miner in the name of peter lalor and started the Eureka Stockade they fighted only for 15 minutes and won they did not have to pay for the mining licences