Apps for ios

Great Ios apps that can be used in the classroom

Free Graphing Calculator

The free graphing calculator lets students do all the graphing and calculations from an iphone or ipad instead of buying a expensive calculator. The app has all of the capabilities of the expensive graphing calculators that students are normally expected to pay for, and more. The app has formulas and laws saved into the app. The only downfall of this app is students can't use their phones for exams.

3D Brain

The 3D Brain app allows students to be interactive with different diagrams of the human brain. Using the app on an ipad or iphone would be great for students who learn more visually or kinaesthetically. I like the search feature of the app that allows the user to look up different functions of the brain and tells you what part of the brain controls that function.
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ShowMe Interactive Whiteboard

ShowMe Interactive Whiteboard is an iPad app that allows the user to make lessons or a tutorial with a recorded voice over. This could be used by both students and teachers. Teachers could use it to make lessons or reviews for their students and then post it online for the students to view at anytime. Students could do projects using the app to show their knowledge and understand of a topic.

Learning Spanish with busuu

This app is a great way for beginners in learning Spanish. The app has interactive lessons that help beginners learn everyday words and phrases so they can start to have everyday conversations in Spanish. The has a practice portions that allow the user to prepare for the exams that app offers. All of the students progress is tracked in the app. I think the app would work well for students more outside the classroom for extra practise.
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Exoplanet is a app that allows students to view and explore all the different planets in the milky way. Students can explore space on an iPad. The app gives lots of different facts about all of the planets that a student might not find in a textbook. A teacher could do many different activities with students like making a scavenger hunt in the app.
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