Theme Practice

4th Grade

I can identify the theme out of text.

Student Directions:

1. Take notes everyday during your time in the computer lab with the website Theme Practice. You will need one full sheet of notes.

2 You will write down what theme means, examples of theme, and you can draw pictures to illustrate your work.

3. You need to do all the assignments in order as they appear on the website

4. Give your theme notes to your homeroom ELA teacher

What is Theme?

Directions: Write the meaning of theme down in your notes.

Theme is defined as a main idea or an underlying meaning of a literary work that may be stated directly or indirectly.

Common Themes in Books


1. Read the digital poster on Common Themes in Books.

2. Copy the digital poster on common themes in books, just write the names of the themes

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Watch the Video on the Theme Lesson

Flocabulary Assignments

1. Click on Flocabulary Assignments to go to the Flocabulary website, click on Join a class
2. Type in this code: P26T7F
3. Dr. Wise 4th Grade Group
4. Use your computer username
5. Use your computer password and the first
and last initial in your name (example: 9876765tw)

Play the Rags to Riches Theme Game

Brianpop Assignments

1. username: rsetn

2 password: brainpop

3. watch the video on theme

4. take the quiz

5. pick an activity to do

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LIsten to the story: Sebastian's Roller Skates

1. What is the theme of the story? Use text evidence to retell events that happen in the story that tell what the theme is. Write your answers on the Padlet. Put your first and last name and homeroom teacher's name on the Padlet.

Example Answer:

Dr. Wise

Theme: Courage

Text Evidence: The theme of Sebastian's Roller Skates is courage. Sebastian was a shy boy who wanted to talk and try new things but he was afraid. One day he found some roller skates. He decided to try them out and he learned to skate. He decided that if he had the courage to try roller skating then he could have the courage to try to do other things too. Guess what! Sebastian did just that; he started answering questions in school and he even told a girl that he liked her.

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Take the Quizlet Test

1. Study the flashcards

2. play a game

3. Go to Options: Select a Test to Take (Write your score down on your notes for your teacher to see)

Quizlet Test: 100