The Wagner Act

As of July, 5, 1935

Program issued to help workers working in bad enviroments, or workers that are being underpaid.
This program will give the right for workers to form unions, strikes,and bargain collectively without repercussions, meaning no company can fire employees for fighting back.
This act is intended for the reform program by F.D.R. because it reforming the government by letting people shape their own jobs by forming unions.
The Wagner act was a good economic decision because it gave the workers a option to take a strike and in some cases it was to get more money

It was another reason we had the great depression because if the workers took strike to get paid more then that's more money coming out of the government

the Wagner act is still in effect today, there has been no changes to it, it is the same as it was in 1935.

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Workplace Rules and the National Labor Relations Act

The Wagner Act video

Main Ideas of video

  • people now bargain collectively
  • Everyone has the right to form or join labor unions
  • No one can be fired for discussing being underpaid in the workplace
  • Employees are able to use company logo on picket sign in order to settle labor disputes

Author is Austin Cheshire and Braxton