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Regional Training + NEW Team Challenge + July Incentive

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{Regional Training Events}

It seems that this year Directors across the country are holding their own Regional Training Sessions and inviting Executives from Corporate to come. I've been working on creating a master list of all trainings available to all designers. Here is what I know so far. Sorry that some don't have all the details listed as of yet and I know that some of you don't see trainings in your area yet. I will continue to post the latest information on our Facebook group in the Regional Trainings doc in Files. If you are not on Facebook and would like additional information on one of the trainings, please let me know.

07/27/13 - Bloomington, IL - LINK to Register

07/30/13 - Lake Mary, FL - more details coming soon.

08/03/13 - Orange County, CA - LINK to Register

08/04/13 - Portland, ME - LINK to Register

08/10/13 - Oahu, HI - email Stacy Cassidy for details at stacycassidy@yahoo.com

08/17/13 - Virginia Beach, VA - LINK to Register

09/07/13 - Louisville, KY - LINK to Register

09/13/13 - 09/14/13 - Kansas City, KS - w/Lynsey Jones of Party Plan Divas and Tracey Vlahos. More details coming soon. (We are in planning stages with hotel currently. This will be a Friday evening/Sat training - hoping to keep cost at $75. A little higher for these as we have brought in Direct Sales coaches.)

09/14/13 - Columbus, OH - more details coming soon.

09/14/13 - Denver, CO - more details coming soon.

09/20/13 - 09/21/13 - Nashville, TN - w/Lynsey Jones and Tracey Vlahos. More details coming - possibly sold out already. $75 which includes dinner Friday, training and materials, and lunch on Sat.

{NEW Team Challenge}

New Team Challenge starting tonight! Enter for your chance to win some O2 SWAG that I picked up from Convention! (trying something new with the way entries will be calculated, etc. so bear with me and hopefully it works). I will be posting challenges on our Facebook page and also at this LINK throughout the next few weeks and if you complete the tasks then you will go to that same LINK and mark that you completed the task. The more tasks you complete the more entries you can earn in the drawing.

First 2 tasks have already been listed:

  1. Print out an August + September 2013 calendar and highlight any dates you have available for a Jewelry Bar. Click here to print out a blank calendar.

  2. Listen in on the Shining Jewels Team Call on July 23rd
    5:30pm PST - NEW DESIGNERS Back Office/O2 Loop Training
    6:30 pm PST - ALL TEAM CALL
    Dial into call at (805) 399-1000; Access Code: 200578#
    Click Here to View Screen Sharing

{Booking Ideas}

Now is the time to start booking those August + September parties and FALL Events!

Here are a few tips on bookings gathered from various sources:

Don't forget to ask everyone at your current jewelry bars!

  • Do you know the number one reason that people don’t host parties? No one asks them. Don’t make that mistake. Every person that comes to your party should be offered the opportunity to book a party. Play a booking game during the party or ask them when finalizing their orders if they would like to host their own party. Many guests are on the fence about being a hostess, and need just a simple question to make a decision. Make sure you ask that question. View every person at your party as a potential hostess or recruit.
  • Make sure you have Hostess Packets with you at all your parties and be prepared to book 3 parties and give away the Hostess Packs that evening. Don't let a potential Hostess leave without a Hostess Pack.
  • Increase the attendance at your parties. The more people in attendance the more you have to book from.

Get off the computer and out of the house.

  • You can't meet people if you are sitting home on the computer!

Booking games at your current jewelry bars:
  • Choose Your Fortune...Put slips of paper in fortune cookies (cloth) or real cookies or envelope. Make some of them have maybe a saying, a discount and others say book a Jewelry Bar. Pass them around to the group. Tell them to take one if they want...there is a chance that they could earn a reward or they have to book a party. Hold them to it if they select book a party.
  • Bead Game from 3rd party Coach - LINK - see page 8 of download
  • Hostess Gift – get a small gift and wrap it up. If get one booking – take off bow. If get two bookings, unwrap. If get three bookings, get the gift.

Get your catalogs out there
  • Use outdated catalogs if you still have and just put a label “Items/Prices are subject to change. Contact me for a new one”
  • Send to a friend you haven’t talked to in a while or neighbor
  • Leave in teacher’s lounge, employee lunch room, anywhere with waiting room (doctor/dentist/car wash/auto shop)
  • Put on the windshield of the cars next to you when you park

Hold your own Launch Party
  • If already began your business host another one with new catalogs/products/hostess rewards
  • Invite all that you know to celebrate with you
  • Offer incentive to bring a friend
  • Do it as a fundraiser for your favorite charity

Join local Networking Groups and/or Chamber of Commerce

  • Local Newspapers
  • Church Bulletins
  • School Bulletins
  • Sports Program
  • Call a local relator and ask them about their welcome to the neighborhood packets they might send

Remember can hold parties at more than just in-home
  • Office Parties – hold at lunch or after work
  • Offer to hold it at your house even with multiple hostesses at same time
  • Set out at a restaurant – if they allow

Other ideas
  • Hold a fundraiser and donate a % of your commissions
  • Set up or join a host of the month club with other Direct Sales Representatives – each person places one order a month.
  • Booking Tree – show your available dates for them to choose from on your display table

{July Team Incentive}

Four team members will receive a $25 Visa Gift Card! Use it to buy additional items for your display, business materials, or treat yourself to dinner/movie/pedicure!

Any designer on this team who reaches personal volume of $99+ in the month of July will earn an entry. **Please email me at jodiocken@gmail.com when you surpass the first $99 to be entered into the drawing.**

*You will also receive one additional entry for each $250 in personal volume you reach. I will calculate any additional entries earned for those that entered. I will accept entries until end of day August 1, 2013.

To view your Personal Volume, log into the Back Office, click on Commissions, then Volumes, and it will list your Total PV for each month. End of Month is July 31st at midnight EST. If you have any questions, please let me know.

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WHOO wants to earn an extra $1,000 by December??

By hosting 1-2 Jewelry Bars per month, it is definitely possible, especially since the average party is about $650 in retail!

{ADDED BONUS} Each designer on this team that hits the Personal Volume (PV) goal listed each month June-November will be entered into a drawing for a {SPECIAL PRIZE} valued at $150+. Drawing to take place in December. No need to email me as I will review the monthly PV and determine the entries.

**There were 144 members on the team who met the qualification for June! WOO HOO**

Remember month end cut-off is the last day of each month at 11:59pm EST. To view your Personal Volume, log into the Back Office and click on Commissions > Volumes.

Corporate Sponsored Designer Incentive Trip to CABO

All Inclusive Trip for 2 to Cabo San Lucas - February 2014! Find more details in Back Office.

LINK to a points tracker that I created in Excel.

{National Convention 2014} I'm already registered -- WHOO's coming with me?!?

Mark your calendars for next year's National Convention ~ July 24-26, 2014 in Phoenix

Click here for more information and to register at the Early Bird rate of $175.

Team Facebook Page + additional information...

If you haven't already, come join us over on our Dream Designers Team Facebook page HERE.

This is a place to share tips, photos, successes, announcements, and training!

If you have any questions and/or issues, let's continue to bring those items up to your mentor and/or upline for resolution. (I'm your Executive Team Leader - jodiocken@gmail.com and your Director is Kristine Stevens - charmedowlsleader@gmail.com)

Designer Care is also a resource available for you to utilize. The contact form can be found at http://www.origamiowl.com/contact/form/ or can reach them at 888-491-0331 (M-F 7-7 PST). NOTE: Fastcustomer.com and Lucyphone.com are 2 great timesavers that will stay on hold for you and call you back.

If trying to place an order and the item is not coming up and is not on the Product Availability Listing, you can report this using the Contact Form and selecting Technical from the drop down box. If you need to get the order in right away, you can try contacting Designer Care via phone and asking if they can add that item to your order.

As far as shipping, orders are leaving the nest quickly sometimes even within 24 hours and are arriving based on the timeframe listed on the back of the order form depending on the shipping method selected (if not sooner). Please remember they are listed in business days.

For those awaiting Backordered Items, Missing Items and/or Replacement Items, if it has been 2 weeks since the items became back in stock and/or since you requested the items and you have not received the items then I would contact Designer Care at the phone listed above. If you do not get resolution after speaking with them or for some reason aren't able to call within the specified timeframe, email me the details at jodiocken@gmail.com and I will see what I can find out. Please ensure to include order # and customer name. All forms are found in the back office under Resources > Business Materials.

In addition, I've tried to organize some of the tips and FAQ posted in the group by topic in the Resources Album in Photo section of this group here.