Tech. TidByte

February 2021

From Dr. Melissa Williams-Scott

Love and Change are in the air. Password Change that is. If you Loved that old password, you do not have to totally scrap it; just Change it up a little when you get the message. In addition, most of you are now noticing those quick Cyber Security lessons “The Inside Man.” Make certain you take the time to watch them. They are fast and have great tips for keeping data safe. Finally, if you use any sort of social media tools, you may want to check out “The Social Dilemma” on Netflix. It is definitely something to make one think about the designers of software and the manner in which behavior can be affected at any age, primarily the developing minds of our students

Password Changes Coming Soon

Our staff passwords now expire every 90 days, so if you reset yours back on November 17th when a reset was forced, expect to have to reset yours around Valentine's Day.

Phishing Sounds Fun,

but not when you are on the other end of the line! Don't be fooled by suspicious emails. Instead, report them through the Phishing Buttons found in Outlook.

If you get an email you were not expecting asking for your password, or to change you password, it is best to go directly to the site to address this. Also, if you are not expecting an email with an attachment, even from a friend, check with them first, preferably in a new email, to make sure they sent it.

In addition, while we appreciate you checking with us to see if a suspicious email is legitimate, by forwarding it, you are possibly infecting our entire district's email system. It is always best to send a screenshot, and you can always use the Phishing Buttons built into Outlook.

Before You Take a District Device Home

Please login to District Devices (Laptops, Chromebooks, or Tablets) to ensure all of your settings are applied. We are getting calls from staff that have been quarantined and then get home to a laptop that will not login. If you have just driven home, the last thing you will want to do is drive back through the bus line or parking lot just so you can get on WiFi to login for your device to work when you get home.

Keyboard Shortcut: Windows + L

Now that we have ClassLink to easily log you into programs, it is important not to leave your computer un-attended. The keyboard shortcut Windows + L (for Lock) will easily lock your device so that unauthorized users cannot access confidential programs like Skyward and your Email.

HELP! My projector doesn't work,

or my computer won't turn on!

For the most immediate help possible, here are some suggestions to get your issue routed to the right person as quickly as possible.

  1. Enter a Work Order through Eduphoria Help Desk, if possible. Obviously, if your computer is not working, there are other options.
  2. Email the Technology Help Desk at
  3. Call the Help Desk at x6028 from in District or 281-229-6028 if out of district

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