Team _____?

Origami Owl Update

Welcome to Team _____?

Unfortunately, I have not thought of anything that really impresses me, so our first "order of business" is to get creative and decide on a Team name. I would *love* to hear input from all of you! We now have 11 Designers who look to me as Mentor, and there are 4 more Designers on our Team under that first level, as well as some DIW still waiting on their 'wings.' We need something clever and unique ~ that is not already being used by another Designer. Please put on your Thinking Caps and share your ideas for a Team name. Nothing is too silly to consider!

One thought I had was to incorporate a word or two from the Core Values or Mission Statement. So, something like Team Grateful or The Golden Rule or Team Unity or Team Empower or Team Dream.

Welcome to our first Team Contest!!

Everyone who responds with a suggested Team name receives an entry into a drawing for a special O2 logo item that I was able to purchase at The O2 Experience Convention. So, put your thinking caps on and let me know your suggestions (can be more than one) before the end of the month. A winner will be selected on September 1!

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Take Out Menu (Fall)

Question on just about evereyone's mind is -- when will the new Take Out Menu be available? The only answer we have is Fall, probably sometime in September. That is all that The Nest has told Designers.

Remember--the Take Out Menu from Spring/Summer is still valid and has a lot of great Origami Owl product in it. So go ahead and plan Jewelry Bars, share our awesome product, and collect orders. Then you can let me know that some new product will be introduced in the Fall, and with the introduction of the new Take Out Menu, that will be the PERFECT time to host a Jewelry Bar of their own. Also remind them that the Holidays are just around the corner, and our customized jewelry make incredible gifts that are treasured by the recipient.

Be sure not to entice guests with what will be available "sometime" in the future, as they may decide to NOT buy anything now and just wait for new product. But remember - what we have available right now is NEW product for them, as they probably have not seen one of our Take Out Menus before.

Bella's Dream

We all know that Origami Owl was started by the hopes and dreams of a 14 year old girl named Bella Weems. She really wanted a car, and with the support and help from her mom, her dreams came true. Check out these links to give you more information about how Origami Owl started:

Bella's Message

Nest Tour, hosted by Bella

Teen Founder of Jewelry Company Gives Back to Community

Family Circle magazine article

Direct Sales Aid

Owl Family Tree

First of all, lets talk about our "Family Tree" so you know where you fit in the Origami Owl family.

Origami Owl has 7 Designers who are the "Direct to Corporate Designers"

Jane Alger, Tami and Madi Butcher, Kimberlie Harrell, Heidi Russell, Karla Savage, Maggie Stephens, and Kristine Stevens.

All Designers fall under one of these lovely ladies, who I call the "Supreme Mother Owls" We, my dear Owlet, are part of Tami Butcher's nest. Tami and Madi are an amazing Mother/Daugher Team!

Your lineage

1. Tami Butcher: Senior Director "Team Believe"

2. M. Faith Weber: Director "Team Hoot & Holler"

3. Char Kochersberger: Senior Team Leader "Team Twin Owls"

4. Beth Towner: Team Leader

5. Sheila Bennett: Team Leader "Team _____?"

As you can see, you are not down a line of so many leaders that you will get lost in the mix or will get so confused by names and scratch your pretty head wondering, "Who is she?" It is pretty special to know that only a few leaders are above you ;) Can you say ground floor opportunity?

Where do you see yourself in 3 months? 6 months? On your 1 year Owlversary?

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Sheila Bennett

Remember, I am here to support you and assist you with any questions you may have. If you cannot find what you need in the Back Office, let me know. Reach me anytime via email or call/text my phone.