New Zealand's Christmas

By: Dakota

Santa in New Zealand

Santa in New Zealand

Yes, they do have lots of parades for Santa. These.These started in the early 1900 hundreds. And still is on this Christmas in the summer they celebrate Christmas! And that call no name for Santa his name is just Santa Claus. they also have a nice Christmas tree that is covered with lights. It is called the Dosimeters. Excels a It does not look like a normal tree.It looks like a radish green top with leaf’s and it’s small.

Decorations in New Zealand

They use one theme for instance they may decorate with western theme, They decorate their homes with that one thing.

this is what many people in their traditions or They will load their house with lights. And their kids will race to the finish for a competition. It is a race of decorating lights at there house and whoever wins gets a batch of cookies.

How to say Merry Christmas

Meir Chimeric is how you say Merry Christmas.

The Christmas Traditions

Some Christmas traditions they do is that some people go to the beach, And open presents in the morning of Christmas, it has only snowed. In the late 1800’s about 7 or 8, times because New Zealand is by the coastal range. Where it is warm all year round even on Christmas and New year's eve.

How long does Christmas last

They celebrate on Christmas Eve and on Christmas. They celebrate like we do they celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. It’s a Christian holiday like we celebrate.

Why Do the celebrate Christmas

In honor of the birth of Jesus Christ and because it is a christian holiday. They also celebrate Christmas because they believe that it is a day of love, peace, and happiness.


They listen to songs like Jingle Bells,Santa's at the beach, i’ll be Christmas baby,and lots they listen to christian holiday music and classic Christmas Rock.

Goodies left for Santa

Many children leave out fruits and veggies because they think that will give Santa some energy, to get from house to house. Some kids leave out cookies like we do. Fruit cakes are popular to leave out for Santa.Many others leave out candy canes and other goodies.

Does it snow on Christmas?

No, it does not snow on Christmas because New Zealand is right by the coastal range, where it is warm and tropical.

Do they exchange gifts?

Yes, the exchange gifts on Christmas. Then the will sit on the floor and all of the money. They have saved up for the year buys one and other a gift.

Do they have a Christmas tree?

Yes, they have a Christmas tree . They have two trees a large bright one covered in lights, and one called a Dosimeters Excels a. It looks like a tree, that is a green and red leafed tree that is small.


There are many symbols of New Zealand’s Christmas, like ‘’light’’ the cigarette race and writing Christmas cards. They come up with the best Christmas cards. They are great drawers and take effort in their work. And another symbol one is the kiwi bird the main

Christmas bird.

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