Different Types of Music

by:Areona Alexander

Hip-Hop was made in the 1970s in Bronx, New York and its the type of music that make you to dance really crazy want to and its kind of ghetto sometimes but sometimes it can calm you down if you are sad or depressed that's only if you want some rap music to listen to but in hip-hop, the songs be having some deep messages about life and strong love.

R&B was first made in the 1960s in Detroit and its kind of like Hip-Hop but more jazzy and rocking and its kind of slow like you can slow dance to it sometimes and it has a lot of funk, soul, and pop and its lyrics focus heavily on the themes of triumphs, failures in relationships, and aspirations and that's how they came with rock and roll because of R&B.

Gospel was discovered in the 1932 in Chicago and it often uses a strong harmony with Christian lyrics and most churches rely on hand clapping to and foot stomping to start and all the songs are about praising the lord and spiral dancing and you feel the holy ghost when you get into it and black people mostly praise the lord for helping them through slavery and other things and the first gospel song was published in 1933 and every since then gospel music been alive.

Jazz was made in 1895 in New Orleans when Charles "Buddy" Bolden and his band called the Original Dixieland and its slow, classical, and bluesy music and the typical instruments to make jazz is double bass, drums, guitar, saxophone, harmonica, trumpet, clarinet, and piano and it is usually played in bars and clubs.