What Are We Learning In 2C?

* Who Am I * Compound Words * Place Value * Vibration *

Our Learning Journey

With our biography project being a major focus this week, students will finish up taking notes from their book, websites, and encyclopedias. Students are learning to extrapolate the important information from these sources while thinking about how each piece will fit into their essay. We are summoning critical thinking skills for sure! In grammar, we'll be exploring compound words with some fun art activities During mathematics lessons, we will be working with area and place value up to the ten-thousands. There will be many opportunities for enrichment with bigger numbers. Remember that asking your student to make change while out running errands is a great way to reinforce last week's lessons.. In science, we'll begin to talk about sound in a very basic way. Look for notes to come home Friday so your student can begin their presentation boards.

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May 3rd-Field Day

May 4th-Book Fair @ Barnes and Noble

May 24th-Grandparents' Day Program