Southern Charms Weekly Minutes

Reagan Montgomery's Team News 7.1.13

What's coming in July!

1) Dot Dollar redemptions from June will take place July 3-11th. You will receive an email with all your customers codes. Provide great customer service and connect with each of them during the redemption period. If they ordered from a trunk show that will still be open, be sure to provide the link for the trunk show so that their order can be placed AGAIN on the same show. Your hostesses from June are going to love this double dipping!

2) July Trunk Show Exclusive Offers - coming soon! Check the lounge for more information

3) New 2013 Fall Collection debut! Hoopla attendees will be able to see and order samples on July 15th. All other stylists will be able to sample the new line on July 17th. The line is available for customers on July 19th.

July Goals

At the beginning of each month (and quarter) it's good to think about what you want for your business. Is there a credit card you want to pay down, a trip you'd like to take, a gift for the family or yourself? Once you know what you need or want, they you can set goals to help you achieve it.

I encourage you to start a new normal for yourself this quarter. Are you consistently doing 1-2 shows a month, but find you are always struggling to fill your calendar. Most likely it's because you aren't in front of enough people. Decide to do 4 shows a month instead and you'll find business is easier. With the busy summer, you may not be able to do one a week with vacations and activities, so double up and do 4 shows in 2 weeks or even 2 shows in one day.

  • Do you want to earn the Consistency Bonus? Be sure you are selling $500 in July, August and September.
  • Do you want to be a Stellar Seller and make $1500 in commission & earn $100 in product credits each month? Schedule 6-8 trunk show each month.
  • Want to promote? Have 5 conversations a week with ladies that are interested in the business. Listen to sponsoring training on the lounge for who to talk to and what to say
  • Want to improve your Trunk Show average? Coach your hostesses using the guide in the My Trunk Shows

Want to earn $1000 in July and August? Look at your trunk show average in My Trunk Show and plan accordingly. If you are doing 4 shows you can count on earning 30% commission rather than 25%. Want to earn more than that? Start building your team. Setting a goal to promote now, and you can promote to Senior or even Star by the end of the summer. If you want to promote, be sure to sign up for one of the groups this week.

Send me your July Goals...

  • Dot Dollars Sale Goal
  • Monthly Trunk Show Goal
  • Shows on the Books already
  • Sponsoring Goal
  • Promotion Goal: Lead, Senior, Star, etc.


Reagan Montgomery

TS Goal: 6

Booked Shows: 3

Sponsoring Goal: 3

Promotion Goal: Associate Director

Richmond Area Fall Rally

Monday, July 22nd, 6:30pm

6631 West Broad Street

Richmond, VA

You are invited to swing by and check out


6:30 Opportunity Meeting

7:00 Rally for all Stylists

Weekly Training Opportunities and Focus

Weekly Focus - Set your July goals

Enter these goals into the Reports Tracker (under Reports, then My Monthly Rewards), and watch your progress

  • How many July trunk shows you will hold with your Trunk Show Exclusive Offer, and the opportunity to be a debut Fall 2013 Hostess
  • How much you will sell with Dot Dollars redemption? Set a goal!
  • How many new Stylists you will sponsor by habit while talking to all those people?
  • Set your sights on the Consistency Award for the quarter!

This Week - Sell on the Go

  • Grab your minis, favorite tote and must-have Summer pieces so you can sell wherever the Holiday weekend might take you! This is a great opportunity to share the style while increasing your sales, even when you're on the go.
  • Use the Words to Say (attached) to create a sense of urgency around booking debut shows featuring the Fall Collection.
  • Attend Danielle's Monthly Success Tips from the Tip call on Tuesday, July 2nd for the Words to Say to book and sponsor in July

All Stylist Call with Jessica Herrin
Monday, July 1st
10amPT/12pmCT/1pmET (30 min)
Dial: (800)698-5954
This call is operator moderated and will be recorded.
Mark your calendars to attend this All Stylist Call with CEO and Founder, Jessica Herrin as she shares important updates from the Home Office.

Tips from the Top- Monthly Success Call
Tuesday, July 2nd
10amPT/12pmCT/1pmET (30 min)
Dial: (800)747-5150 Access: 6977091#
This call will be recorded.
July is here and there are so many exciting updates to share with your customers, Hostesses and potential team members! Mark your calendar for July’s Success Call with VP of Training, Danielle Redner to hear tips on how to focus your month, prepare for the Fall Collection launch and use the July Words To Say to maximize your earnings and productivity.

Top Sellers in June

Reagan Montgomery $3951

Alison DaValle $1886

Laura Ellis $1697

Janeen Reeson $1664

Katherine Julian $1562

Katelyn Connors $1463

April Keegan $1121

Stephanie Owens $1041 (Launch Month!)

Brittany Muncy $992 (Launch Month!)

Taryn Giroux $956 (Launch Month!)

Rebekah Howard $745

Jump Start Rewards!

Taryn Giroux - Earned 1st Jumpstart & Quick Start Bonus and $300 in Product Credits

Brittany Muncy - Earned 1st Jumpstart and $150 in Product Credits

Stephanie Owens - Earned 1st Jumpstart and $150 in Product Credits

Consistency Award Earners

These stylists were qualified each month in the last quarter. They sold $500 or more in April, May, and June. Congratulations! Enjoy using your $100 in product credits!

Glam Getaway Update!

June is the last month to earn points for Glam Getaway! Let's cheer these ladies on as they get closer to earning the next level...

Reagan Montgomery 61865 Level 3

Katelyn Connors 21702 Level 1

Casey Dornan 13092 Level 1

Janeen Reeson 11665 Level 1

Group Call Sign Ups - Find one just right for you!

I am waiting to start our 7 new groups for stylists with a wide range of goals. Only 2 out of 52 women on our team have signed up. Please choose one that is best for you. I am really looking forward to working with everyone over the next quarter

Below is a list of the groups and a basic description. Click here to sign up for a group that best fits your goals and needs:

If you have any questions, please contact me at Once the groups are made, we will decide on a time that works best for use to "meet" each week.

- New Stylists (in Jump Start)

- Consistency Club (Stylists who want a consistent schedule of 2-4 shows a month and wants to earn the Consistency Bonus)

- Stellar Seller Group (Stylists who want to kick it up a notch and reach Stellar Seller in June, July, and/or August which is $5000 in sales in a given month)

- Relaunching Stylists (stylists who would like support, training, and encouragement getting their business started back up)

- Lead is for Me group (Stylist who are interested in sponsoring their first stylist in June and/or July)

- Partnership to Promote to Senior Stylist in 90 days

- Partnership to Promote to Star Stylist in 90 days

Join me for an Observation Show!

Thursday, July 11th - Midlothian, VA

Thursday, July 25th - Midlothian, VA

Tuesday, July 30th - Richmond, VA