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March Digital Citizenship Reminder

The March Digital Citizenship lesson to is "Privacy & Security." If you would like help accessing any of the lesson materials please let me know. I am happy to join a grade level team meeting or meet individually to go over materials and resources. Digital Citizenship Google Doc Link

Students Voting in Primary Elections with Newsela

Newsela is running a great collaborative event connected to the US primary elections. Your class can vote in a primary poll, and you can see election results. If you don't have a Newsela account, just hit sign in, and then sign in with Google. It may be a little late to get in on today's poll, but we can set your class up with one of the other upcoming polls if you like.

Once you're signed in, follow this link!

Google Search Fun Tips & Tricks

Ever wonder about how to better utilize Google Search tools? Check out the video below created by Carpenter ITC Kevin Michael. The video highlights many great tips and tricks to use with your next Google Search.
Google Chrome Omnibox Uses

Curiosity Quote:

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